UK jury ACQUITS Extinction Rebellion vandals despite judge's direction they had no defence at law.
Last Post and Reveille bugle calls - sounded by an old army mate Nelson Oakley


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So so sad result for the crew and their families, may the crew R.I.P. Must admit that
I suffer from claustraphobia (spelling) and no way would I entertain the thought of becoming a submariner or an engineroom person,below water level. YEP, born with a yellow streak and no regrets.


Apparently it's normal for submarines to creak and groan while they dive down and the pressure rises. I'd be shitting my pants with each "Ka-chunk".


Nice to see Indonesia showing some gratitude to Australia for a change. It's taken long enough.


Better that than looking in the other direction.


We probably provided the $$$ for them to purchase it. Why are we sending them millions as they are a third world country, and they spend it on military items instead of the health and welfare of the people? I can never reconcile that with any sense of reason for us to be pouring money into their corrupt country.


Bill Gates doesn't have enough money to pay me to do that job.......being fearless is not one of my traits!


Jeff of FNQ

A scan has located the missing Indonesian navy submarine around 850m (2,789ft) beneath the sea, according to military chiefs.

Rescue teams frantically searching for the KRI Nanggala 402, which disappeared during a training exercise in waters north of the island of Bali on Wednesday, have also recovered debris from the vessel, indicating it has sunk.

The discovery came as the oxygen supply for the 53 crew members of the submarine was due to have run out.

Items recovered from the water include a grease bottle believed to be used to oil the periscope and prayer mats.

Dennis Thompson

That might be your opinion but in my opinion you are not well informed, it seems to be a national sport to knock Indonesians but they are our close neighbours and the level of cooperation between our nations has been mostly good.

As a regular visitor to that country I have never been worried about my safety and I have found the people to be friendly and welcoming.

During the 1980s there were riots around universities in Jakarta and The Australian media reports gave the impression that Jakarta was a dangerous city to visit. I was scheduled to visit and contacted our office to check on the situation, their report gave a far different impression and when I arrived and during that visit I did not experience any rioting. The truth was that students were protesting around university precincts.

The Indonesian Government helped the Howard Coalition Government to implement Pacific Solution to deter people smuggling and after Rudd Labor abandoned Pacific Solution without notifying Indonesia, and they were not impressed, at a later date the Abbott Coalition Government regained the support of Indonesia for Operation Sovereign Borders that effectively stopped people smuggling again during 2014.

The list of areas of cooperation is long.

Of course Indonesia has the world's largest Muslim population, and very small groups of radical activists who have indulged in terrorism. But the Indonesians acted swiftly to deal with their radical groups. And joined Australia and other Asia Pacific Region nations to combat terrorism.

Bikinis not Burkas

Engine rooms in ships are very spacious.

Bikinis not Burkas

Last photo she needs to read the Quran to realise that Allah and Mu ham mad both thought that women are STUPID!


I feel so sad for them and for the families left behind, always wondering what happened.

Coochin Kid

Not a time or a day (Anzac Day) to express sentiments like that. They are human, they make mistakes.


Our son is married to an Indonesian lady, so we have lots of family and friends there. Sincere condolences to the families of these submariners, on this ANZAC Day that we have observed this morning with our combat veteran husband and father.


Worst possible fate.

Ned of Kellyville

Some years ago I had an Indonesian and his wife stay over in my home and others stayed at the local hall. They gave me a set of shadow puppets, which I still treasure.
Lovely people, all different, just like us.
Indonesia has their wackos, just like Australia.
These submariners of the Indonesian navy did not deserve to die this way, and I am so glad that we did whatever we could to help.


Not on bloody warships they're not!!


R.I.P the crew - so sad .


Thinking of their families and friends.

A sad loss.

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