BLM 'Uplifts, Centers and Honours" knife-wielding attacker Ma'Khia Bryant, stopped by police from stabbing another girl
At least one federal departmental chief gets it.


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Ned of Kellyville

I would have thought that of all people, Kimberly-Clark would have known that real men don't menstruate.
And menopause in real men is when they pause to buy a sports car.

Up The Workers!

How many male "people who menstruate" does this crowd of aspiring "Get woke; Go Broke"ers have as customers?

If none, why are they discriminating so offensively against "people with penises"?

Should "people with penises" all sue this crowd of Leftard 'woke-wankers' for squillions for the offensive blatant discrimination they are currently subjected to?

Up The Workers!

They can't be too knowledgeable about their product or their target customer-market if they have not yet worked out that men, as a rule, don't actually menstruate (I suspect that Kevin Rudd probably does, but he's not really your typical male).

They can stick their product where the sun don't shine!

Not on the Left


Julie of Geelong

I thought girls and women were the only ones who menstruated.

How silly of me all these years!!!

seeker of truth

There was another cop out word and that was "menstruators".

There is a reference to a "Period Pride" survey. It is the brainchild of an organisation called "Share the Dignity Ltd"

It looks like it is a worldwide movement but it seems not to be associated with the LGBTIQ community, just feminists.


This is what happens when you employ HR types with degrees.

They had to go to University to learn to be so dumb that they can, with a straight face, say that “people menstruate.”

No one is born that stupid. No one.


Sounds like an introduction to some breeding program. To distinguish between those who menstruate and those who don’t will we be classed as chickens, hens or old boilers?


57 genders, hard to keep up who menstruates these days I guess /sarc.


Or a Harely!


Advocating for their products to be available 'free' in schools but not supplied 'free' by Kimberley-Clark no doubt.


How embarrassing, disgraceful!
KC is an otherwise fine company so I cannot imagine how they got sucked into this.
I joined KC in the UK in the mid 60s as a Graduate trainee. Soon after completing my field sales assignment, I was appointed temporary Kotex Brand manager. Together with my secretary, we happily answered questions to 'Mary Abbott'. That's grown up liberation ....not this embarrassing stuff.


Girls and women as nature intended, but what about those who "identify" as girls and women. Is this Kimberly Clark woke joke so as not to offend the "identifiers".


FFS - Thats all I can think of


One has to wonder if they are trying to outdo Heinz with their 57 varieties


Damn - the secret mens business is out, all these thousands of years we hve kept it a secret from the gals, now they know

Nonna from FNQ

"They can stick their product where the sun don't shine!"

The problem is, that these sorts of twerps believe that is precisely the place from which the sun doest shine! :)

Michelle Two

I work with a people who has a time every month that migraines seem to hit, though it could be testosterone or hormone treatment..
Dad used to call it when we had our rags on, that saying would have come from the pages of history before Kimberley & Clark had a business plan to assist those who by human nature have a womb that sheds monthly if seeds of creation aren't fertilised by tadpoles from the masculine..
Let me tell you about the birds and the bees song comes to and light xx
1965 when souls were free to be feminine and masculine and not victims of marxist indoctrination..

Psst..there is a market for everyone..
 worst part of Zipporah Jarmon’s period is that it forces her to wear panties for a few days out of the month. The problem is—as a 26-year-old masculine-presenting gay woman—she doesn’t usually wear panties. Instead, she feels more comfortable in men’s boxers. But during her period, Jarmon’s options are limited. Women’s boxer briefs are often still very feminine and shorter in length than she prefers. Men’s boxers, her usual go-to, don’t have a place for a pad. Jarmon wondered if there were any solutions.


Rankin, if I swore that would be my comment as well even though abbreviated. I am a female and I grew up when these things were not discussed even amongst females and were actually considered unhygienic and not natural, so therefore many of us grew up with a very unhealthy appreciation of who we were &/or are. There is only one gender who menstruates and they are "females, girls, &/or women" not someone who identifies as such. I am sorry but it is really getting out of hand now with all the crap that is being thrown around. To me, unless someone is prepared to stand up to all the BS that is being spouted at present to distract us from the real problems that we (the world) are facing, then the world as we once know it is history, done and dusted.

Up The Workers!

What a sexist word!

Shouldn't it be "femstruated" instead of "menstruated"?

Who can we sue?


Ned wrote..."I would have thought that of all people, Kimberly-Clark would have known that real men don't menstruate."
It's much simpler than that Ned... MEN/MALES don't menstruate.

Capt Baz

I think the Kimberly-Clark crew are all having periods...of total insanity. A bleeding of income should give them an idea of the real identity of their customers. Maybe.


More likely they misogynist.
Don't want girls and women to be proud of being biological females.

How long they been holding this hate? What did suffragettes ever do to them?


Go Woke, go broke.
I will not buy their products again, Kleenex, Viva etc.

Liz of Vic


We used to deal with Kimberley-Clarke for many years and found it a great company to work with.

I presume that this company would have employed some politically correct persons, who had done a University-degree in all the new subjects, i.e. diversity, inclusiveness, gender etc, all the stuff where one can run into very deep trouble nowadays.

We never had a department for H.R., now they are huge! And staffed with the people who have undertaken to make life as difficult as possible and turn up problems, which we never really had years ago.

Safety is another department now, we never had such a department. also staffed with university-degreed people.

They may be very knowledgeable, however they are all lacking one thing and that is common sense!

They do not teach that in the universities.

Obviously they did not appoint an expert on words, as menstruators is not a word a person with common sense would use.



You would be mad to try and sue Sue.
Try suing Steve


For the last 16 years Pawlowski has been sounding alarms that the same tyranny he escaped Poland to flee this same kind of governmental tyranny is here, now.

Medical tyranny killing us by a thousand cuts. This is a bow to medical tyranny. This is explained really well by Canadian pastor Artur Pawlowski

Andrew Smith

Is it just me or is "cis-male" short for what we used to call "sissy male" back in the day?


Well, all I can do is boycott them.

As a male, I won't be buying my pads or tammies from them anymore.


It is hardly surprising that young girls are reported as feeling ashamed to go to school when menstruating as it seems they are being encouraged to be ashamed of actually admitting even to be female, let alone to acknowledge the functions of their own bodies. We spent decades fighting this nonsensical idea of not talking out loud and feeling shame about female biology and now we are back in the dark ages again. It is a bit hypocritical of Kimberley Clark to promote Plan International, in aid of girls' equality when girls are deemed so unequal by Kimberley Clark that they dare not speak their own gender. Shameful!

seeker of truth

Here's Zipporah wearing her new boxer briefs. They don't disguise that she is still a woman without male genitalia.

I thought that when these transgenders are on male hormone treatment, the testosterone suppressed the oestrogen production so there should be no periods. The Mayo Clinic says same -

Zipporah is talking crap and has found a way to market her boxers.

If that is a first world problem then we are damned.

Ned of Kellyville

"cis" and "trans" have been adopted from Chemistry. "cis" means on the same side and "trans" means on the other side. These compounds have the same chemical formula, but are put together slightly differently around a rotatable bond.
I think a far better representation of human sexuality comes from simple observation resulting in a bell curve - with the average person in the middle and the extremes at either side.
But you know what they say about averages:
With your feet in the freezer at -20C and your head in the oven at +60C, on average, you are comfortable.
Thus there are some very interesting people at either side of the curve.

[And I thought CIS meant, ahem, Chaps In Suits.


Up The Workers!

I wonder if their customers all drink 'Woke Coke' and shave with Gillette 'Woke Shavers'?

They'll be totally bereft when their tampons, their Coke and their whisker-removers all disappear down the Leftard insolvency "S-Bend".

Ron O'Lakes

The world has gone "bat sh#t" crazy.
Don't buy their products and don't invest in them.
Hit them hard in the "dollar bill" nerve.


I'm with you.

I say we call a global boycott by all men. No purchases of K-C feminine hygiene products whatsoever. No exceptions.

What? Does some genius there at K-C think they will be losing 50% of their market? Of course not... I think... one would hope. Sadly true?

I have no idea how K-C would react if thousands of men started calling and writing in that they would never buy their tampons from K-C ever again.


Kimmy and Clarky must have wagged school lots.
So I offer them some pronunciation exercises:
"WOMAN" is pronouced "...wooo man"
"GIRL" is pronounced the same as "....shirl..." or ...whirl..".
Trust helps the poor little US snowflakes...." The latter is pronounced as "...snot without the t...." Flakes is pronounced as cornflakes without the corn bit....".


IMO K-C should just concentrate on making manhole covers and not trying to change reality.


Appears Kimberly-Clark catches the detritus ejected from the body.....

...then employs it!!??


I wipe my arse with their products.


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