Turnbull wrong on asthma stats for Hunter region - in fact it's trending down
The obsession never stops

Louise Milligan with another ‘I’m a victim’ story. Did it happen or did she make this one up too?

Senior ABC white-male-hater Louise Milligan is pushing another unverifiable story on Twitter to prove her ‘men have to change’ point.

Amazing how these anecdotal evidence tales happen so frequently to some people ... and always to teach us all a lesson.

Remember how Louise wanted to teach the world a lesson about George Pell.

She even wrote a book and won awards.

Then the high court found 7 judges to nil that she was wrong.

Very very wrong.

Then she went after Christian Porter and now she’s having her behind sued off her, using taxpayer funds to fight the case.

That's the problem when you establish such a track record for being wrong.

Judge for yourself if Louise might have just cooked today’s one up as well.