At least one federal departmental chief gets it.
Flights into Australia from India banned until 15 May.


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Wayne Shaft

Covid Passports Are Coming ....Quickly Followed by Social Credit Ranking System....... Stakeholder Capitalism.......Great Reset.....Tic TAC Toe .......Boom ..... ✍️


A further revelation from the Book coming to fruition .see Revelation chapter 13 verses 15/17
“To receive a mark......that no man might buy or sell”


You'll own nothing, but you'll be happy.


Bloody hell i am done, as will no way be getting any Jab with any witchs brew
1 due blood clotting and other medical problem.
2 Prove that there is no fatal side effects or long term damage to the recipient of the JAB
unable to do that and i am no guines pig .
3 Get that Premier in QLD to get a REAL JAB not one with the cover still on the needle as shown on TV,how many of the powers that be do you see with the needle covered by a hand, a clothe or out of sight.DID they get one realy ???
Will weather it out with Vit D /B /zinc /quinine ,it is hog wash as does not stocatching it, , it does not stop the spread, and how many jabs for how many varients of C19 .end up a pin cushion
Give mine to those that still fly in from C19 areas with whatever varient and let spread via air cons in hotels or let loose in the public .
Close the bloody borders or build a camp in the middle of no where so it can not spread with the flyins


We know why. The left hate the truth and they hate it when their agendas are exposed. Evil evil evil. The left destroys everything they touch.

Ned of Kellyville

Facebook appear to be their own Inquisition.



Everyone should read the current safety data sheets for any of the COVID vaccines not for any other reason other than to understand the requirements and the questions asked of any vaccine. What you will see is “no data” and “affects not known”.

Wayne Shaft

Darn Tootin....😠

Wayne Shaft

INDIA 🇮🇳 Is The New Booster Scare .....😱 Hospitals Overwhelmed.....Not Enough Ventilators .....Funeral Pyres 24/7.....People Falling Down Dead In The Street ........PYSOP Is Back To Where It Started ......✍️


Zuckerberg, allegedly a major funder of election fraud in the US, usurps a duly elected member of the Australian parliament.

It's just business as usual for their lZuck.


After a covid19 visa has been issued does that mean we will be forced to get another one after the next virus has been manufactured?

Michelle Two

With depopulation being the agenda ..these souls don't even know what go beyond now because they can't control the human population like they believe they can, behind bars they won't be issuing passports of any kind this is the NWO ticket of open borders and your ID microchip, you are supposed to be in fear and want the jab, so you are not supposed to notice any adverse affects or the elderly, poor and disabled be the current target and anyone over 50/60 depending on country and your wealth status according to the Globalists plan as it changes when truth is learned and the intentions become and light

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