Aus-NZ travel bubble announcement with the fine print
This Australian government video is supposed to be about understanding consent. No really.

Veterans suicide royal commission announced - thank you veteran Aaron Gray who set up the Veterans Suicide Register

Hard to believe, but until 2015 and Aaron Gray's work, no one could tell you for sure how many veterans had taken their own lives.

I'll publish the PM's announcement on establishing a Royal Commission as soon as it's available - but I also wanted to recognise one of the unsung heroes of today, veteran Aaron Gray.

Here's our post from 15 March, 2015

The Australian Veterans Suicide Register - established by Iraq veteran Aaron Gray

The ADF doesn't know how many service men and women have taken their own lives following war service.

What the bureaucracy couldn't or wouldn't deliver has been set up with great reverence by a former digger.  Iraq veteran  Aaron Gray, formerly a Trooper with the 2nd Cavalry Regiment operates the Australian Veterans Suicide Register - here's a link.  

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Aaron saw active service as a gunner in armoured fighting vehicles in Iraq.   Here's what he says about the site and the reasons he set it up:

  • I am an Iraq War veteran that is on a mission to register and acknowledge the unsung victims of war.
  • I want to create a register of all veteran suicides so that I can make the Australian government recognise their sacrifice as casualties of war.
  • I also want to change the way Veterans Affairs operates so that we can limit the number of veteran suicides in the furture.
  • So please share with everyone -
  • This is our email address for anyone who may need to email us
Aaron's heart is very much in the right place.  His site is operated by a veteran for veterans. It strikes the right tone in respect for the dead and advocacy for the living   It's the sort of thing that mates do for mates.
Ian McPhedran from News Limited has written about the site today.

Rest in Peace and thank you for your service.

Lest We Forget.

Thanks to Grumpy Old Man for sending me the details.
I'll repost my editorial from last Thursday about the ADF's then chief medical officer confirming her abject incompetence and ignorance about the price paid by our veterans.