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Almost 30 years since the Dawesville Channel - Federal Government announces $55M funding for another bridge nearby



Just about everyone who lives in Mandurah has at one point asked themselves:

‘Why do we have a three lane bridge?’

Whether it's made you late to work, late to school, or late home to your family, the three lane bridge is frustrating. It doesn’t make sense

Today, that changes. The Morrison Government is investing $55 million to duplicate the Mandurah Estuary Bridge.

The bridge duplication will add two additional lanes, easing congestion for motorists and create better access for cyclists and pedestrians.

And with matching funding committed by the state government — following a long campaign by local Liberals — this dream will finally become a reality.


Here are the Mandurah Estuary Bridge and the Dawesville Channel:

Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 12.17.32 pm

Can you imagine the outcry if the Morrison Government was to hand this new $55M contract to some mates after stopping a competitive tender process?