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Good luck to you Maria, hope you do well in the pageant, but why bother with the not-Australian-enough routine?

I didn't know the Miss Universe pageant was on until just now - reading this article from Australia's contestant, Maria Thattil.

Maria, for what it's worth - just get on with it.  Do we really need yet another lecture on race and which ethnic background is more worthy, disadvantaged or privileged?

Ms Thattil writes, "We need to continue embracing people irrespective of markers of their social identity. The Australia that I represent is a place where our belonging and worth isn’t dictated by factors that are skin-deep."

Beauty.  Live up to that.  Treat it as normal.

I don't think it helps to make generalised comments like 'in some people’s eyes I’m still not “Australian enough” to represent them'.

Seriously?  Who said that to you Maria?  I reckon you might be struggling to find too many people who care about Miss Universe, let alone the 'Australian-ness' of our entrant.

It can't help us to constantly berate each other about how racist our society is.  

Much better to get out there and achieve.

So good luck Maria and Go Australia.



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