US Army recruitment video. China can't believe its luck.
OTD 1968 - Fire Support Base Coral. Ubique. Lest We Forget

Ronald Reagan is hated by socialists like Therapeutic Albanese - hasn't stopped Albanese copying his speech

Exhibit One - The Real Deal


Exhibit Two - Albanese's Budget Speech in reply tonight

So for me, there’s a simple test by which we can judge the last 8 years.

Do you feel better off than you did 8 years ago?

Do you feel more secure at work?

When did you last get a wage rise?

Are you finding it easier to pay your bills?

Are you more certain of your future? And importantly, that of your children?

The past 8 years have been very good to this Prime Minister – and his mates.

But has it been good for you?

Because after 8 years in power, this Prime Minister is getting ready to ask you for 3 more."


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Albanese's not worried about who he knocks stuff off from