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What The Australian and Nick Whitlam forgot to tell us about Whitlam, money and China

The Australian today published this column from Nick Whitlam:

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The only disclosure The Australian made about Whitlam was this line at the end of his enthusiastically pro-China piece:

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Thanks to reader RobertS for this glaring omission:

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You are spot on Robert!

It's all laid out in the first par of Nick Whitlam's CV

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Nicholas Whitlam is a non-executive director of Crescent Wealth and chairman of his family company, Whitlam & Co. He is presently involved in establishing the China-related Generations Fund.

And what is the China-related Generations Fund?

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More Belt and Road.

It's a pretty glaring omission on The Australian's part to present Whitlam's pro-Communist-China propaganda, without letting us know about his pecuniary interest in 'building a harmonious world for generations to come'.