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Qld Chief Health Officer on the danger of young, healthy people dying from Covid vaccine clotting illness

“I don‘t want an 18-year-old in Queensland dying from a clotting illness who, if they got Covid probably wouldn’t die.

Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 11.29.20 am

Australia’s chief health officers are preparing to stage a revolt against Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s push for young people to front up for the AstraZeneca jab.

Queensland’s Dr Jeannette Young, Australia’s longest serving chief health officer, has taken direct aim at Mr Morrison’s push for young people to ask their GPs about receiving the AstraZeneca jab, associated with a rare clotting disorder.

“I do not want under-40s to get AstraZeneca,” she said. “We are not in a position that I need to ask young, fit, healthy people to put their health on the line by getting a vaccine that could potentially significantly harm them.

“I don‘t want an 18-year-old in Queensland dying from a clotting illness who, if they got Covid probably wouldn’t die.

“We‘ve had very few deaths due to Covid-19 in Australia in people under the age of 50, and wouldn’t it be terrible that our first 18-year-old in Queensland to who dies related to this pandemic died because of the vaccine?”

Fashion magazine Vogue, which studiously avoided Melania Trump, puts carer Jill Biden on the cover Mary Jordan, the Washington Post reporter who’s written a book about Melania Trump, put it to me, “It’s hard to imagine Joe doing this without her.”


When Jill Biden visits community colleges, which is a lot these days, she is received in highly choreographed settings by a governor, say, or members of the public as the nation’s first lady. But to administrators and teachers, she is Dr. Jill Biden, college professor. At Sauk Valley Community College in Illinois, there were pink and white flowers set out everywhere, befitting her visit; they even matched her white dress and pink jacket. But there was also a “Welcome Dr. Biden” sign so huge that the period on the Dr. was as big as her head. It felt like a subtle rebuke to that scolding she was subjected to back in December for using the title she has every right to.

Indeed, in all the places she goes lately she is honored as a woman with several degrees who has worked really hard her whole life at the most relatable job there is. Everyone has a favorite teacher, after all. On her visit to the Navajo Nation in April, Dr. Biden was introduced by someone I came to think of as the Ruth Bader Ginsburg of Indian Country: chief justice of the Navajo Nation Supreme Court JoAnn Jayne, a tiny woman with hair pulled back in a tight ponytail, wearing Doc Martens: “Dr. Biden, millions reap inspiration from your quote ‘Teaching isn’t just what I do; it is who I am.’ ” In Birmingham, Alabama, she was introduced by a lawyer, Liz Huntley, a sexual-abuse survivor whose parents were drug dealers. “I want to thank Dr. Biden from the bottom of my heart for the role that she plays not just as the first lady…but for her heart for educating. She told me she’s grading papers on the plane, y’all! What? Who does that?! You know, they say being an educator is a calling…in your life that you can’t resist, and she just won’t let it go.”

Image may contain Furniture Couch Electronics Computer Pc Human Person Laptop Living Room Room Indoors and Lamp
Photographed in the East Sitting Hall of the White House. Ralph Lauren blouse and skirt. Fashion Editor: Tonne Goodman.
Photographed by Annie Leibovitz, Vogue, August 2021

The December debate over titles seems awfully small in the face of all of this: Jill Biden opening schools, visiting vaccination sites, traveling to red states to sell the American Rescue Plan, telling folks that “help is here.” The role she’s fulfilling on these visits is, in many ways, neither first lady nor professor but a key player in her husband’s administration, a West Wing surrogate and policy advocate. “An underestimated asset,” as Mary Jordan, the Washington Post reporter who’s written a book about Melania Trump, put it to me. “It’s hard to imagine Joe doing this without her.”

Which is not to say that Dr. Biden, who is constitutionally shy, doesn’t take special delight in these visits. She becomes looser, goofier, and more expansive. You generally hear her before you see her because she is often laughing. She is, quite simply, a joy multiplier. As part of her elevator pitch for free community college—part of the $1.8 trillion American Families Plan President Biden proposed to Congress in April—she likes to talk about one of her most dedicated students, a military interpreter from Afghanistan who came to America to start a new life. “A few semesters ago...I got a text from her—it was like six o’clock in the morning. ‘On my way to the hospital to have my baby, research paper will be late.’ To which I replied, Excuses, excuses.” It gets a big laugh, even from the jaded press corps.

Australian Army backtracks on 'dispensing justice'

A few hours ago the Australian Army's 7th Brigade published this photo:

Screen Shot 2021-06-29 at 7.21.17 pm

Note the caption - M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank dispensing 120mm canister rounds 💪

But that wasn't the original caption.

Here's the edit history of Army's Facebook publication:

Screen Shot 2021-06-29 at 7.20.56 pm

The photo's first caption read M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank dispensing 120mm of white hot justice 💪

Apparently dispensing justice was a little too hot for the Army to handle!


UPDATE - Thanks to Stuart McCarthy!

Here's the manufacturer's brochure for the Abrams canister rounds - designed to tear people to shreds.

120mm-M1028-Canister 120mm-M1028-Canister

Biden attacks targets in Iraq-Syria border region

Screen Shot 2021-06-29 at 4.56.22 pm

"At President Biden's direction, U.S. military forces earlier this evening conducted defensive precision airstrikes against facilities used by Iran-backed militia groups in the Iraq-Syria border region. The targets were selected because these facilities are utilized by Iran-backed militias that are engaged in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) attacks against U.S. personnel and facilities in Iraq. Specifically, the U.S. strikes targeted operational and weapons storage facilities at two locations in Syria and one location in Iraq, both of which lie close to the border between those countries. Several Iran-backed militia groups, including Kata'ib Hezbollah (KH) and Kata'ib Sayyid al-Shuhada (KSS), used these facilities.

As demonstrated by this evening's strikes, President Biden has been clear that he will act to protect U.S. personnel. Given the ongoing series of attacks by Iran-backed groups targeting U.S. interests in Iraq, the President directed further military action to disrupt and deter such attacks. We are in Iraq at the invitation of the Government of Iraq for the sole purpose of assisting the Iraqi Security Forces in their efforts to defeat ISIS. The United States took necessary, appropriate, and deliberate action designed to limit the risk of escalation - but also to send a clear and unambiguous deterrent message.

As a matter of international law, the United States acted pursuant to its right of self-defense. The strikes were both necessary to address the threat and appropriately limited in scope. As a matter of domestic law, the President took this action pursuant to his Article II authority to protect U.S. personnel in Iraq."


Deeply troubling to hear him try to talk about it.


Wayne Swan and Nine's throw of the dice for relevance.


Some things are just sad to watch.

Wayne Swan - not satisfied with near-bankrupting Australia through his utter Budgetary incompetence, giving us a carbon tax on air, an NBN that's still substandard, and supporting a policy that saw 51,000 illegal boat people arrive and 1200 die at sea (including hundreds of children) .... Wayne believes the Morrison Government's bungling of the vaccination system is "the greatest public policy disaster of Australian political history".
With a CV that good, at least he's well credentialed to judge a stuff up.

The bigger question is, why did Channel 9 have him on? 

Which guest fell over?
Does he wait in the carpark just in case they need to fill time?