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ABC managing director David Anderson at Senate Estimates this morning.

The ABC paid $31,000 to the Porter defamation mediator.

The ABC paid $100,000 to Christian Porter's lawyers.

The ABC's own costs are $680,000 - plus the $100,000 to Porter's lawyers.

The ABC estimates its trial costs would have been $1M- $1.5M

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Senator James Paterson quizzed the ABC MD at some length about a false and misleading Tweet published by ABC 4Corners executive producer Sally Neighbour.

The ABC MD explained that he'd directed the news editor Gaven Morris to counsel Ms Neighbour about the tweet.  It was retracted.

The MD explained that contraventions of the ABC social media policy by staff may result in termination.

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Senator Hanson-Young is very keen to find out all about Christian Porter's personal finances.

She's quizzed the ABC MD asking him about Porter's own costs, paid by Porter.

Then she turned to Senator Jane Hume, asking if the government had any insight into the state of Porter's personal finances.

Hanson Young then asked a few out of order questions about what the could mighta, woulda, coulda done.