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Muslim woman who spat on NSW police thinks my video breaches her privacy!

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From the incomparable Seeker of Truth:

First of all that woman was charged for that offence. The mobile phone footage was evidence. When she appeared before the Court her privacy was lost. Secondly, if she is going after Michael Smith News for privacy violations then she will have to go after 7News for the same thing as that news media's footage is still out there. This is what that woman, who claims to have mental problems, did - the Audi allegedly accelerated away at speed, travelling at no less than 120km/h in a signposted 50km/h zone, before turning left on Waterloo Road. The Audi was allegedly seen disobeying a red traffic signal at the intersection of Mimosa Road before crossing unbroken lines to overtake a vehicle and turn right into Macquarie Street. After allegedly failing to stop at a stop sign, the Audi turned right into Roberts Road and stopped in heavy traffic. An officer, who had been following the Audi, approached the vehicle and spoke to the driver. The driver, a 25-year-old woman, was placed under arrest; however, she refused to get out of the vehicle. She was physically removed and handcuffed, claiming she was on her way to be tested for COVID-19 before resisting and repeatedly coughing in the officer’s face. The woman was escorted to the police vehicle, and as the officer reached inside, she struck her head against the vehicle window and spat at the officer. She continued to resist despite a warning from police and was physically restrained on the ground after again spitting in the officer’s face. Further police attended to assist, and the woman was taken to Bankstown Police Station and charged with drive recklessly/furiously or speed/manner dangerous, motor vehicle exceed speed more than 45 km/h, drive motor vehicle during disqualification period, and assault officer in execution of duty. She was given bail, despite police objections. Her lawyer claimed she had 'psychological issues'. Her name is Hannah Ayoub. She also lied about a family member having COVID - "Her lawyer Tom Hughes said she had serious psychological issues, including post traumatic stress disorder and depression, The Daily Telegraph reported. Mr Hughes said the arrest was a collision of circumstances heightened by the anxiety both in the community and in police by the ongoing pandemic. 'This woman has not been tested positive and nor has her brother been tested for coronavirus,' he said. The prosecutor argued Ayoub knew she did not have coronavirus when she made the claim, indicating that the incident was callous. She did not display any coronavirus symptoms but the officer was tested as a precaution. The above info is from The Daily Mail Australia which also has video footage of her behaviour on its website Hannah will be sending off a lot of letters/emails demanding her privacy has been violated. She never explained never explained driving while disqualified, she never explained her speeding in a suburban street, Having psychological issues is no excuse for putting others at risk. I can't find the result of her court appearance in Bankstown Local Court of 17 June. She had top gun lawyer Tom Hughes so likely he got her off charges because of mental health issues. Hannah Ayoub lives at Greenacre, 2190 postcode. An ABN check has a Hannah Ayoub of Greenacre running a business called Hannah Beaute, 31 Suva Crescent, Greenacre