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Seeker of Truth on Imran Khan, Pakistan and Islam.

In 2015 it was reported that Pakistan was one of the countries topping the use of internet porn sites. "According to data released by Google, six of the top eight porn-searching countries are Muslim states. Pakistan tops the list at number one, followed by Egypt at number two. Iran, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Turkey come in at numbers four, five, seven and eight, respectively. Pakistan leads the way in porn searches for animals like pigs, donkeys, dogs, cats and snakes." 
The only answer to that prolific use problem in Pakistan was for the government under Khan to introduce blanket ban censorship laws, blocking not only porn sites but restricting and censoring political media sites and social media sites and others. You dare not criticise the Qu'ran or Mohammed; such an insult was given priority attention. 
Rape cases are on the rise in Pakistan. It is a cultural problem that Imran Khan won't address. He more or less said in that interview that there was no need to change the culture in Pakistan, the world has to accept it, you can't impose cultural Imperialism on the men of the country. He can't change the culture of Muslim men in Pakistan so he blames the women for the problem. He is a weak leader to blame the victims of rape that even involves young girls who are not dressing inappropriately. It is just a sick society with sick men and youths who can't control their sexual urges.
Imran's words - "We don’t have discos here, we don’t have nightclubs, so it is a completely different society, way of life here, so if you raise temptation in society to the point and all these young guys have nowhere to go, it has consequences in the society." "If a woman is wearing very few clothes it will have an impact, it will have an impact on the men, unless they’re robots. I mean it’s common sense." When questioned if women's clothes would really provoke acts of sexual violence, the prime minister instead of saying "No, rape is not provoked", he said: "It depends on which society you live in. If in a society where people haven’t seen that sort of thing, it will have an impact on them."
Instead of cultural imperialism, I think Khan meant moral imperialism and it was also a dig at the Britain. Moral imperialism is the imposition of a set of moral values onto a culture that does not share those values, either through force or through cultural criticism. The charge of moral imperialism is leveled against theorists and commentators who feel entitled to force a system of morality onto another culture or to criticize moral codes different from their own. Be it cultural or moral, either way Pakistan is found lacking to live in this modern world. I wonder if Mehreen Faruqi will tweet about this.
Nah, crickets on that one. Her latest tweet involved the NSW government giving money to the greyhound racing industry that the Greens tried to have banned.