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There goes the Photios business model. Matt Kean / Gladys power base under attack.

Well well well … There goes the Photios business model and the Matt Kean / Gladys power base. 
The NSW lefty Liberal method of business has been a disgraceful - yet somehow legal - little cabal for too long. 
Liberal operative Michael Photios will be blowing up over this. 
He’s made a fortune as the left wing’s puppeteer, dancing the line between Party powerbroker and lobbyist for high paying clients wanting to influence government for years. 
Anyone who upsets Photios gets targeted. 
He operates at arms length to make sure he gets his way. 
Gladys is only Premier because she had the backing of Photios and his left faction.
Matt Kean boasts to everyone that he’s the leader of the Left - code for Photios’ guy on the inside. 
Well done ICAC. 
This is years over due. 
The question now is, will Gladys and the lefty guys act?


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