Peak GPs body on the indemnity they've won over administering Covid 'vaccine'
Biden attacks targets in Iraq-Syria border region

Wayne Swan and Nine's throw of the dice for relevance.


Some things are just sad to watch.

Wayne Swan - not satisfied with near-bankrupting Australia through his utter Budgetary incompetence, giving us a carbon tax on air, an NBN that's still substandard, and supporting a policy that saw 51,000 illegal boat people arrive and 1200 die at sea (including hundreds of children) .... Wayne believes the Morrison Government's bungling of the vaccination system is "the greatest public policy disaster of Australian political history".
With a CV that good, at least he's well credentialed to judge a stuff up.

The bigger question is, why did Channel 9 have him on? 

Which guest fell over?
Does he wait in the carpark just in case they need to fill time?