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Crazy. Authority for authority's sake.

David Flint. @profdavidflint
Girl reading, no danger to and distant from anyone else, ordered on Friday afternoon 30.vii. 2021 @ 3pm to leave Bondi Beach Park in the police state that NSW Australia has become under the Berejiklian-Hazzard dictatorship .
Similar action taken against another girl on the left.

Stu of NT on Queensland's snap lockdown and a shameful gutless MP wife & I were at the Pine Rivers Show on Saturday morning when at about 10.00am the show's announcer informed patrons that the show would be abandoned & close at 2.30pm due to the State Government's snap lockdown.

Within minutes, Nikki Boyd treated us to one of the quickest "pack downs" I've seen.

We were enjoying a daggy dog at the time,  she clearly couldn't get out of there quick enough!

Shame, because her constituents (patrons & many of whom rely on the show for their livelihoods) might have otherwise sought her support & guidance.

Especially, since we're all in this together.