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ABC 730’s juvenile Executive Producer can’t land the big interviews.

This is what they do at the ABC if they can’t get their way. 
Moan about it on Twitter. 
Perhaps the PM and everyone else won’t go on your show because the risk is not worth the reward. 
The ratings are terrible. 
In the middle of a huge story, a pandemic with 12 million people (half the country) stuck inside their homes, the ABC’s #1 daily current affairs show cannot break a million viewers and is beaten soundly by Home and Away and a game show hosted by a reputed wife beater. 


Maybe, just maybe, it’s not worth the trip into the studio to get talked over and ridiculed. 
Politicians are not required to appear on the ABC at your demand. 
They get access to far more Australians on commercial TV which clearly the public prefers. 
Or, in other words … grow up.