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ABC blows taxpayer $$$ advertising on Australia’s biggest billboard - $7.2 million promoting itself in the last year.


Never ever again believe the parasites at the ABC when they cry poor about funding cuts.

Here's proof in the photo above.

Australia's most expensive advertising billboard sits atop Sydney's White Bay Silos.

It's the biggest billboard in the southern hemisphere.

It's huge - as long as a Rugby League field.  

It's right on the feeder road into the city via the Anzac Bridge, reportedly seen 2 million times per month by people often stuck in traffic.

It's the most prominent billboard site in Sydney and the most expensive in the country - around $200,000 - 250,000 per month.

And the ABC has rented it.

The ABC already has online, iView, television and radio platforms to get its 'essential' message out.

It would want to have a bloody good reason for spending even more taxpayer money on billboards.

Remember under its Charter, the ABC only exists to provide a service commercial operators can't or won't provide.

So why has the ABC rented the White Bay Silos billboard?

To promote the kids cartoon show Bluey.

Coincidently, The IPA has a report out today showing the ABC has spent a record $7.2 million in commercial advertising in the last year.

Still it comes fourth most nights in terms of TV audience share.

Despite the 100s of millions it spends on News coverage, the ABC is always beaten by Channels 9 and 7 as the most watched News services.

ABC - overpaid, over-funded, under-performing.

And managed by people who do not care that it's your money.

210726 - Media release -IPA - ABC Spends Millions Promoting Itself