LINO SA Govt now locking up citizens for visiting the wrong restaurant or winery
80 million votes. For sure.

Coates doing "great friend Annastacia a favour" by 'ordering' her to attend Olympic opening

As we suggested here earlier, it was a set up to give Palaszczuk political coverage to attend the event.

Reluctantly, Annastacia 'forced' to attend glitzy, $75M ceremony & not sit in hotel room doing her knitting

Sickening that they think we are so thick.

Screen Shot 2021-07-22 at 1.48.17 pm

Ms Palaszczuk, whose trip to Tokyo had proved unpopular in the context of Queensland’s border closures, had been attempting to navigate a political minefield by saying she would not attend the ceremony and would instead watch on TV from her hotel room.

The intervention from Mr Coates has proved controversial, but the sports supremo said Ms Palaszczuk was happy with his intervention, and that the public couldn’t see he was smiling behind his face-mask.

“I was doing her a favour. She’s very happy with me. I went to help her,’’ he said.

Mr Coates said his “direction’’ had been a joke and “people had taken it the wrong way.’’

“The point I was making was she, the minister and the Lord Mayor should go,’’ he said.

“I’m so close to her (Ms Palaszczuk). She’s totally relaxed. Ask her.

“We came back here (to the hotel) together. She came up to my room with the rest of the team.’’


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You could have knocked me over with a feather.

Julie of Geelong

Very OT but, does Andrew Bolt not have a blog anymore or am I looking in the wrong place?

Can anyone let me know thanks.


Hopefully she will be gone before 2032.


So once again the piece of pond scum we have as a premier LIED to us. Why am I not surprised.
LIE about covid qr tracking data usage
LIE about tokyo trip

It is a disgrace to the state & should resign immediately.


'It was a joke' sez Coates

Yeah.............on us!!

Peter G

Modern public relations 'experts' scripting this type of bulltish are all clearly juveniles who think soapies, Channel Ten and ABC are real life. Pathetic that this tripe was played out on the world stage - what an embarrassment.


I take you mean hopefully she will be gone by 8:32pm

Just Thinkin'

Isn't it funny that after the announcement
they all got together, close to each other,
sans masks.

They must have a special pass.

Not on the Left

Elbow bumping rubbish.

Capt Baz

Same here Julie. Gremlins?

Steve K

All this "elbow bumping" that you see in the photo above is just done for the cameras. There was a photo of PM Morrison doing it with one of the world leaders at the recent G7 in England. But at the BBQ, they were all walking around in close proximity to each other, no masks, backslapping each other, etc, etc. And this was after they all posed for a "socially distanced" photo on the beach.

Absolutely a load of BS.


Basically it's dying a slow death.......everything is pending.....don't know what has happened to the moderators!

I use to link a lot of stuff I post to michaelsmithnews, sometimes it got posted sometimes not.

Doubtful John

Bullshit for the masses. Political Kabuki. Pricks. What's the bet Pallet Chucker is an Artistic Director or something when the Olympics come around in Brisbane?

One Born Every Minute

Yes. As I have said in many previous posts, it is in your face now. Stacked deck no matter who is voted in.
The Untouchables!


Election signs went up today on the southside of Brisbane.

One Born Every Minute

100% on the Gravy Train in the future, if she is alive and kicking. If not, it will be one of her reĺies or minions taped on the shoulder.


I was looking for something on Sir Walter Raleigh but found this one.

Bob Hay

Maybe Bananaland's ex Premier Anna Bligh will step down as CEO of the Australian Banking Association and let her take over her job.
Never failed to amaze me, a Labour MP taking that position in the bastion of Capitalism or for that matter being offered it.

Doubtful John

The thing about favours is that they are asked for. "Do me a favour."

VCT Et3e

Yawn, windbag routine or not …

Certainly don’t understand the Tokyo Olympics happening, head of AOC, premier, mayor, minister there in the midst of a pandemic, and many Aussies still stuck overseas..

Then again even the Libs/ Nats, or successors, will sort Wuflu by 2032.


Might have been staged but gave very bad look. A'hole old man and domestic violence cowed victim trying to 'please' her man by "not offending anyone". So much for a strong woman.
And if he treat her like that, how does he treat the young members of olympic teams a d other 'lesser' beings.

She should apologize for being part of scam. And he should apologize to Olympians. Pure shrubbery by both of them.


Grubby politics. While they're playing the public, the taxpayers are subsidising them.

How many of the international competitors at the 2032 Queensland Olympic Games will claim asylum as refugees & remain in Australia? It happened after the Commonwealth Games.


Two things here...

With preferential voting you don't really know where your vote will land

No matter who you vote for you still get a politician

Yes it is stacked against us


Andrews and this harpy are two prime examples of why we need something like the recall process they use in the US..

Legislated in STONE in both federal and state parliaments!!

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