NSW Health reports Covid-related death of a woman in her 30s (said to have no pre-existing conditions)
More details on the 38 year old woman who died in Sydney after contracting Covid

Government approved anti-white racism.

These are the somewhat secretive notices that get hidden away in the legislative Gazette of the NSW Government - a loophole in the anti-discrimination laws where the Government ironically grants approval for discrimination to happen. 
Clover Moore's ulta-left wing Sydney Council is given permission to only employ people claiming to be Aboriginal for a series of PR jobs. 
The activist focused publicly funded Redfern Legal Centre is granted special permission to discriminate against white people so they can hire a junior. 
There's another from a private engineering company GHD to have Aborigines only "cultural leave" .. which is their prerogative given they pay their own way. Could you imagine the outcry if they had special leave for whites-only for anything?
Remember when you used to be able to just hire the best person for the job without all this bullshit.