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The wisdom of boat owners!

Great insight into how the very rich manipulate charitable foundations


From the great Seeker of Truth:

Sounds like Harry has become a vengeful publicity seeking fool. And, of course, all proceeds from the sale of this book are going to charity. That would be Harry and Meghan's own charity Archewell Foundation where they can have "their hands in the til" under the handle of administration expenses.

Can't wait for its first IRS return.

Those two wasted an awful lot of money in setting up their Sussex Royal Foundation in the UK that then had a name change to MWX Foundation because Sussex Royal was knocked out.

MWX Foundation is now in administration, being liquidated, as the pair went down the Archewell Foundation road to be based in the US.

The first Annual Return for Sussex Royal Foundation (now MWX Foundation) is yet to be filed.

It was due this month.


With grifters, it's always about the money.

Watch this space.