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IRONY ALERT!!!!!!!!! 9Fairfax finally sacks John Hewson because of gender quotas.


John Hewson’s progressive politics have bitten him on the backside. 
His regular column in the Herald has pushed every left wing and climate change cause - always anti-conservative. 
He became a predictable bore. 
9Fairfax has finally woken up.
No-one is interested. 

Screen Shot 2021-07-17 at 9.46.48 am

Hewson has floated an “I’ve been got at” conspiracy theory for his sacking.
Never one to accept he’s had a fair go. 
So the underwhelming editor of the SMH set the record straight:


They sacked him so they could employ a woman.
Hewson always pushed for gender quotas. 
Now he experiences what that means in reality. 
Don’t worry John.
There’s always the ultra left and largely ignored Saturday Paper … until they hire Jane Caro to replace you!
Dear John,
It could also be something to do with you writing crappy, unintelligible sentences like this:
Neither Morrison Govt nor MSM actually believe in free press(noun) not controlled or restricted by govt or their sycophantic mates censorship in political or ideological matters
PS - John, you should consider going to Tokyo to bore for the Olympics - you're a cert.