2GB presenter Clinton Maynard asks when unvaccinated people will be banned from supermarkets


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Only applied against political adversaries of course - stalin would be proud. Great time to be a crim though...


Haha. Melbourne CBD starting to smell like a piggery.


I feel sorry for the poor people who fled Communist countries to come and live in a free and democratic Australia. I wonder what trauma the police, government, is causing these people.

Michelle Two

You can clearly see the two timelines now you have the propaganda globalist timeline based on computer algorithms and then you have the truth and reality and souls on one side or the other with many still walking the bridge of fear and compliance some in fear others in harmony with half hearted fly under the radar resistance of playing the game of tyranny..
Most believe ot will cease if they give in to do the civil duty, they put their health at risk as it is open slater now the game is almost up..
Watching Judas straddle the fence and give options knowing full well that he gave the power and incentive over to state law breakers..crimes against humanity Judas wants to side step his own role and be seen as a saviour, far from it because under his guidance the darkforce mandate grew and flourished every time he tells a lie it only grows in enormity for the breaking point is coming for humanity.
The writing is on the wall look for the signs.love and light xx
Prepare for the Liongate opening and manifest your dreams..


China Dan's Melbourne.
In his fascist run State.

John Smith

As a RETIRED Military Officer I am totally dismayed at the actions of the POLICE.

They are losing PUBLIC RESPECT with their actions.


Police should be PROTECTING not carrying out 'Illegal' orders of a FAKE GOVERMENT.

POLICE in Italy, France are JOINING their peoples ... marching alongside protestors


Up The Workers!

Who do those people on the Flinders Street footpaths think they are taking up the space where Labor's protected heroin, ecstasy, ice, cocaine and cannabis dealers will be along with their drugged-out or dead clients in the new Labor druggie slum in the C.B.D. (Centre for Buying Drugs).

They're a different breed these Labor head-stomper cops who act like Gestapo to move along taxpaying citizens so that Labor-protected commerce and industry can move in and transform the place into a drug-dealers' dream.

Things go better with Coke on Ice - just ask any ecstatic Labor heroin.


Kinda makes you think of the CCP tactics in Hong Kong.

How long before they trot out the MRAPS?

Now I wonder which Victorian politician really approves of that?


In the comments:

"Tee Dee
11 hours ago (edited)
The crowd should've all of a sudden pulled out blm banners, and the cops would have either run away or got down on their knees like what the London cops do"

Can't argue with that


Michelle Two

Wonder if the journo's and cops know that once the battle is over and there are no taxpayer entitlements left, that they will be lining up for their bowl of bugs as well..
All brawn and no brain makes for being on the wrong side of histories pages.
The biggest genocide experiment in human history and we haven't even seen the total devastation left behind yet as we are still walking through the shadow of death and dark night of soul as a collective..
I seen the most glorious sun rise this morning heading down to work, the sun was so orange and bright rising over the Mountains in the horizon and it was cloudy and rainy at the same time where I was standing .
So there is always light on a gloomy day and my photos didn't do it justice as it got brighter and higher the further I drove down the hill..love and light xx

Liz of Vic


What is to be expected now with Andrews sniping at the Premier of NSW?

One would expect States to stick together, but of course Andrews thinks he is wonderful, has forgotten he was also in charge, when over 800 people died, because of his quarantine disaster!

Michelle Two

You know what is sitting in my mind the irony in the teacher sitting in a mask in front of his students (with man bun) nice bloke, but teaching about communist and other political systems..
Surely he is not that asleep as he is living through what he's teaching from the past, but biased teaching through the system in which he learned maybe in his mid 30's so an infiltrated Uni system, and ciriculum they are guided by...love and light xx


Victoria is examining the possibility of its own digital currency.

One of the attractions of this to the totalitarian state is that it would then have details of everything, no matter how small, you purchase. Everything.

Once established, the only remaining step in The Project will be PAYG (using Victoria's digital currency, of course) for each and every accessing of the internet or email.

So protest while you can.

The lights are dimming.



This happened after most people left and the cops were no longer out numbered

quod erat demonstrandum

#standwithhongkong ???

Oh wait, this is Melbourne Australia.

Allegedly still a “top 10 most liveable city in the world”.

Soon to be right up there with Pyongyang.


I recall there were reports of mysterious night flights into Melbourne last year. Are they Australian cops or ones that have been flown in from the Strong Cities or Resilient Cities networks? It is hard to believe our blokes would act like against their own citizens.
It would be interesting to know if these cities are the ones having problems with Gestapo police tactics.


Some Aussie POLICE have publicly BROKEN RANKS about enforcing COVID tyranny!

It’s a very good sign, and more police officers globally will hopefully follow this example.

Davey Boy


These members of Danny's Stand over Squad have just received a call (4 and a half years too late)that some bloke was doing donuts in Flinders Street and Swanston Street and they are going en masse to give him a good talking to.

What's that? The bloke was doing donuts in 2017 and went on to murder six innocent people? These blokes may be a bit late!!

Seriously, where were these thugs when Gargasoulis went on his murderous rampage? My respect for vicplod thugs after their appalling cowardice on that day was diminished. And now the cowards come out in force to attack innocent people again, I have lost ANY remaining respect I had. They keep attacking innocent people while simultaneously letting real criminals do what they want.

The behaviour of these thugs is a danger to the normal functioning of a Law abiding people in a civilised society.


Its unconstitutional what they are doing.

For any Aussies out there who want to know how Section 51.23a of the ‘Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia’ amended in 1946, protects you from undergoing ‘civilly conscripted’ (i.e. mandated) medical procedures without your consent, here is a brief video on this topic.

If state law doesn’t provide this protection, or it contradicts the constitution, state law is automatally OVERRIDDEN by the Constitution! Beachmilk Gab

Part One of a 6-part series of interviews wth Darren Dixon for "the GLOSSA channel".https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxu5nF3XtzM


Interesting site base in Victoria. Interesting stories on site and useful tips and links. Its where the video came from.

Reignite Democracy Australia (RDA) was founded by Monica Smit in response to the Victorian government’s catastrophic handling of the COVID pandemic.
Our vision is to empower people by giving them a voice and providing them with honest, timely and truthful information.
We aim to provide a real alternative to the mainstream media, covering the issues that affect people’s lives and delivering high quality content via multiple channels.


Peter G

Dan's gang.

These members are all programmed robots - the modern day Gestapo.


They have turned Australia back into a penal colony.


2 Michell Two,
Yep ! JUDAS ! all right !, a most despicable outright Traitor, lookin personally for an an escape-hatch, Don't fall for the weasel words of this slick & oily sly Goberty-Gook smart-ass Operator.

Think of the amount "They" are spending on Cops to Bully The Populous.

Think of this Money being spent on Roads Hospitals & Infrastructure or for other purposes if so, "They" wouldn't have to lock us up !


Have a look at your typical police officer these days...Under the guise of diversity hiring, they have weeded out the good coppers and replaced them with ones more than happy to join 5 other cowards and bash a lady at a beach just for not wearing a face nappy.
Or hold a young lady up against the wall by the throat, choking her for not wearing a face nappy.
Or go to a pregnant mothers house in the middle of the night and arrest her for a harmless facebook post in front of her children.

What we are witnessing is disgusting, confounded by the lack of similar police response to real criminals.

Up The Workers!

If our school kids all miss out on much more schooling due to Labor's latest Apocalyptic Catastropharian Humpty Dumpty Armageddon-fraud, they will all end up as pig-ignorant, scientifically illiterate, dishonest and imbecillic as Deadly Dan and his Cabinet of knuckle-dragging crim-friendly Union Clots, clods, corruptocrats and incompetents in Spring Street.

Rather than transforming Flinders Street into Mogadishu-On-The-Yarra's next druggie-slum, why not set up the drug dealers' Business Centre in the Labor Caucus Room at the big Spring Street Snouting-Trough?

They'd be among friends there and would not look at all out of place among the no-hopers and dopers who already frequent the joint.

John Matthews

I found it interesting that this footage was taken by a Chinese who spoke Mandarin in a Beijing accent (as do I) - he commenting on the breach of human rights etc ... Will this footage find its way onto Chinese news broadcasts in China?


I used to respect police. Not any more. Not since last year when they started this.

Nazi cowards - that's all they are. Maybe there are still a few good ones left but they are in the minority.

It has happened several times in Italy now (and as recently as last weekend) that police took off their helmets and marched with the protesters.

It is evil what I saw on that video. My parents survived Nazi occupation, the War and Stalinist Communism. They came to Australia to get away from this. My mother who is still alive is upset it is happening all over again.

This "police" force is a farce and 100% unAustralian. They are traitors.



Please bear with me:
Last Thursday Dan was asked about the borders closing. He replied that closing borders was a police decision.
This week we were advised by the Health Department that three removalists, who had entered Victoria via the border, were not to be charged, because they had not broken any laws other than one of them for being unmasked.
Various claims that they had crossed the Victoria's border with Australia illegally or that they had been unhelpful providing information were not prosecuted by Health.
Curious? I can only assume that Health had taken them into custody, read them their rights and taken statements before various rumours were perpetrated. No doubt the written briefs (Conspiracy to pervert etc.) were then forwarded to police and possible referral to dpp?
We are advised by the new Health Police that these removalists are (nearly) innocent. They must have answered one of the 'get out of gaol free' questions correctly. viz - wealthy, celebrity, race, religion,
When Constable Cornelius was asked about Health's actions, he states he has no information.
So we now know:
- Dan's neither in charge of medical issues or Border issues
- Vicpol not in charge of borders because it seems Health is.
- Health is in charge of borders, police matters and the Kangaroo Court.
It's good to see command lines clarified after the Coate Comedy.


Maybe a good tactic against a few raggedy arse protesters....BAD tactic against a mob prepared to do some physical harm....!

Julie of Geelong

The truth is that if that happened in a lot of other countries around the world there would be mayhem in the streets. Burning buildings, looting etc etc!!!

But in Australia we just take it and do nothing except for a couple of measly protests now and again.

Julie of Geelong

Haven’t the Police got anything better to do? e.g. catching crooks, attending to domestic violence, getting cats out of trees etc etc.


One wonders how a Seig Heil march that support the police and government would fare?


So how don't the politicians know that? Don't they get taught the Constitution or is that too boring for them. Respect for most politicians is diminishing day by day because of these unfair rulings by so called medical experts who have been raised above their medical accomplishments and are gleefully used by the politicians to impose more and more rules on an innocent population..

Michelle Two

Judas has nothing to lose he is screwed either way..the best he can hope for is leniency and forgiveness from the souls he has betrayed in his life..
Legally soften the blow by having a bet each way. PR is a mugs game if you have to lie your way through life to keep up appearances for your own security while you damn souls to their deaths uninformed of the risks...love and light xx

Michelle Two

It was propaganda in order to lock down all states and hype up the situation to get those hesitant souls in the Gates human experiment of gene therapy, and depopulation to sustain the elites pots of gold in our resources sector..
Useful idiots rarely survive the next phase..
Look at Haiti president and other nations leaders that were assassinated..love and light xx

Steve J

Section 51 provides the Commonwealth with concurrent powers on various subjects.
If the Commonwealth passes no laws based on the respective heads of power there is no conflict between it and the States.
If there is a Commonwealth law any State legislation is inoperative to the extent of the inconsistency.
If the C/wth legislation is repealed the State Law is allowed its full operation. It doesn't cease to exist in the meantime.
So in the absence of some C/th law on the subject (of medical services) a State Law providing for vaccination for nursing home employees or loss of employment is valid unless it is inconsistent with some other C/wth legislation.
The C/wth of course has power to pass Laws on Conciliation and Arbitration. A State law of this nature would probably be inconsistent with an award covering such employees or offend the unfair dismissal provisions in C/th legislation.
Perhaps the relevant awards already cover situations in which the health status of the employees is considered a threat to the patients.
It wouldn't surprise if this was the case ergo no conflict with C/wth legislation.
However it is, in any event, probably not too difficult to dream up some consequences for failing to get the vaccine which do not offend C/wth legislation.
The C/wth could prevent any action by the States in this area by (say) passing a law prohibiting the provision of medical services (vaccination) subject to direct, indirect or constructive coercion.
Not much chance of that is there when the LINO's in charge actually support the push!
The C/wth also has power over Quarantine.
It has powers under the Bio Security Act which if exercised (by regulation) could supplant the State Health directions.
It could end the lockdowns tonight if it wished.
It will not because it supports them.


I never thought I would live to see this day😥


These so called police must be brainwashed.
They seem to thoroughly enjoy their"work"
Police have transformed into brutish thugs.
The CCP must be giving training to chairman dan's thugs.
This behaviour incites revolution.

One Born Every Minute

Neither did I. And to think what WWII Vets died and were maimed for leaves me speechless.


I would love to see the reaction by the Police, all government MP's & media types strolling into any small business, cafe or restaurant etc. and being denied service just for being complicit, responsible for the situation we are in & especially colluding amongst themselves to force through the narrative of Vaccination, Certificates & whatever else they wish to implement. None of them deserve our service, products or support. Perhaps that might smack them upside their stupid heads when they need to prove what type of Citizen they are in order to obtain service.


Forced Vaccination is an assault, crime and Tort!


Feds intervene when it suits them on state laws that go against the constitution. Remember when states tried to push through gay marriage laws and the feds overturned them. Feds don't want to intervene in regards to covid. They want the medical tyranny as much as the states. They don't care about you, its about power and control.

They borrowed lots of money to pay for covid lockdowns, imagine funding linked to vaccine roll out?


I wondered about that because I saw Avi Yemimi's report, which seemed rather different. Not many people on this one.


I agree 100%. What a response to this marxcist tyranny -
Small business refusing service to police,complicit politicians, bureaucrats and health advisors.


Liz, Daniel Andrews suffers from selective memory and it is a case of don't do as I do but do as I say. He is as bold as brass and getting cockier by the day. Does he know something that the rest of us don't know? The fool is surrounded by yes men and women and at present he thinks he is Superman and untouchable the weasel that he is or though I do prefer to call him a snake. Unfortunately, I think he will be voted back in next year and if he is, then Victorians are in for an even worse time than the last few years. Andrews is drunk on his own power.


Complete and total control over everything you do, say, use, visit etc.
If digital currency comes in - personal lockdown is enforceable. How?
Your digital currency device (smartphone, card, watch etc) can have a distance capability attached to it.
Simples. You don't comply, then your digital currency device won't work 2kms/5kms/10kms from your place of residence (or address of their choosing).
Complete and total control.

the sting

I think this is a good idea . It would be easy to identify police and some government MPs but not health bureaucrats . Lance Corporal Weimar would be one of the few .


Does state law supersede or override conventions Australia is signatory to

....like the Nuremburg Code or the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

It seems 2020 was the year to shit on our constitution and existing legislation and subject us to 'medical' mandates regardless of their illegitimate, inconsistent and spurious use!

Politicians and bureaucrats have much to answer for.....if EVER that chance arises!!


..but...but....they're having so much fun Julie.....getting all dolled up in the riot gear....monstering citizens.....choking young women.....stealing mobile phones...arresting pregnant Mums......head stomping...driving the divvy van into mental patients???

Oh, BTW, if your house gets robbed or your car stolen don't bother to ring..they're very busy you know!!

Ned of Kellyville

Victorians voted for Chairman Dan and if you ask around you will find many who think he is doing a great job under challenging circumstances. You will find the same in NSW.
I have played golf with reasonably well heeled blokes who thought that the industrial scale fraud that took place in the count rooms of Trump's 2020 landslide win/unbelievable loss was acceptable in view of the outcome - Trump's removal. They are out there.

I support Andrew Bolt's suggestion from early 2020 that they should protect the vulnerable and let the rest get on with their lives.
If we added the deaths from the China flu to the regular flu, would we be better or worse off than just the regular flu season deaths?


Video taken down, so a video showing a true event needs to be censored, what a joke of a state Victoria is.


Steve J

The C/wth can pass laws to put into effect treaties they are a party to.
Signing treaties does not make them part of C/wth Law.
The States can make any laws having a sufficient connection with the State.
Whether some treaty relates to the subject matter does not affect the validity of the legislation although it might play a part in its interpretation.
Those laws cannot extend to areas over which the c/wth has exclusive power eg excise or have effect if inconsistent with a c/wth law.

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