Crazy. Authority for authority's sake.
Exclusion zone.


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There are still believers who are praising pluckaduck on twatter for the 3 day lockdown. They want a longer lockdown. FMD!
Some of them would be better off locking themselves in the basement...just in case.


I see your restaurant and raise you a Festival:

If Redcliffe is too far there was always James St

Mak Siccar

I despair! The penis-less tyrantess just has to keep up - wrong, exceed - the other dick-tators. Un-bloody-believable and I bet the sheeple in God’s own country will kowtow and say thank you. Did I say I despair?

Up The Workers!

I hope restauranteurs keep track of every cent of loss and waste that idiot totalitarian pollies and their Health-Nazi Public Serpents are causing them, so that when this Leftard plandemic is over, they may load the cost back where it belongs.

Dee dee

I could do it easily. I love prawns.

Not on the Left

It doesn't actually say that they are giving it away; it looks as though they are very desperate to clear stock before it all spoils.

Up The Workers!

Ditto - I only dislike the two-legged ones!


Hoteliers throwing away $30k worth of stock they can't give away.

Terry Andrews

It's not going to end


Don't worry. During Lockdowns everyone can just work from home.

Remember wearing PJs below the waist while you Skype another catch up meeting with your team is not only the "New Normal" but it is wacky and fun!!


Or else...


Also, when your state averages over 150 deaths a day, ensuring no one else dies is vital.

Unless it is a post vaccine death, in which case that is perfectly normal and may be ignored.

Ned of Kellyville

I have had more than the occasional negative response to crustaceans that have been opened, left out, re-chilled, left out etc etc - resulting in "driving the porcelain truck".
No trouble when I do them myself from fresh.

Prawns and fish. Luv 'em.

People have come the raw prawn with me on occasions.

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