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Professional racist and gender card player Antoinette Lattouf needs urgent professional help.

See if you can follow this from the underwhelming Channel 10 race baiter and permanent victim Antoinette Lattouf.

Step 1: Channel 9 reporter makes comment at 7:50am that no-one is getting tested in south-west Sydney.



Step 2: Racist Antoinette straight away somehow sees this as Ch9 reporter having a go at ethnic people living in the region – which the reporter never even suggested.

Step 3: 2GB producer James Willis, watching this unfold, calls out the ridiculous assertion.


Step 4: Racist Lattouf flops out another race card. Has a go “white guy” Willis along similar lines.

Step 5: White guy Willis highlights Racist Lattouf’s utter stupidity.


Step 6: Lattouf accuses Willis of mansplaining – the Tracey Spicer weapon of choice to shut down a debate when she’s losing.


Lattouf needs serious help.

She lacks the intelligence to carry on like this.

Any wonder people at Channel 10 cringe when she sounds off online.

At what stage will Channel 10’s News chief Ross Dagan man up and pull her into line or have her psychologically assessed?