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Relax Australia ... Hamish McSmug returns to The Project in place of the ageing Peter Van Idiot

Peter Van Wrong Alot has been pushed out the door. 
Hamish Mc Smug will bring his own brand of fashionable left wing journalism into the fold. 
Lisa Fitzsimmons-Wilkinson will continue to call out mansplaining. 
Wayleed has a new pack of race cards to play.

Australia's least watched nightly current affairs show just got a little more woke. 


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Sadly for Macdonald’s replacement, Peter van Onselen has been pushed out the door to make way for the returning messiah. PVO will continue as political editor for the station.

There have been rumours of on-set tensions between Wilkinson and PVO after his disastrous appearance on Insiders where he supported his friend Christian Porter. Wilkinson is said to be unhappy about his support of Porter, who named himself as the Federal Minister accused of rape in a historic case.

Porter denies the accusations.

Sarah Thornton, Head of Popular Factual, Network 10, said: “We have always considered Hamish part of our family here at The Project, and we are thrilled to welcome him home.

“Hamish is an outstanding journalist and his skill and passion as a broadcaster make him a valued addition to our hosting line-up on The Project.

“Hamish will also be back on the road, where he is peerless, telling extraordinary stories and connecting with people in Australia and around the globe. As the world and the media landscape change, and as storytelling comes to the fore, never have Hamish’s talents been more important. I’m excited for what the future holds with Hamish back at 10.”