Our mate John Ruddick to run as Liberal Democrat's NSW lead Senate candidate
Newly tooled-up Taliban will be shitting bricks over this demand from Biden Administration


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Such a waste of life.


This will happen again. Those that forget the past are condemned to repeat it.

robert griffiths

My Grandfather and Great grandfather served on Gallipoli, thence to the western front and came home. My two great uncles are still over their, buried in France and Belgium.

Not on the Left

Both my grandfathers served on the Western Front in WWI.
One, an Englishmen, was in the British Army and got through four years of the war unscathed as far as I know (although he found himself behind German lines once!), although he was standing next to his younger brother when the latter was killed by a piece of shrapnel in 1917.
He returned to Australia after the war (he was here in Victoria briefly before the war), and he died in 1978, nearly 85.
The other grandfather (in the Australian Army) was gassed in France, which was almost certainly a contributory factor to his early death, aged 57, in 1954, years before I was born.


Thankyou for posting Michael ,brought back some strong family memories .


My grandmother's uncle was gassed on the Western Front, in 1917. He never recovered his health, had numerous stays in hospital until his death in 1941, and was so angry at the lack of treatment that he received that he returned his service medals in protest. Lest We Forget!

robert griffiths

Further Michael, It felt good for me (and thats ok) to mention the boys, sort of like I waved the flag for em. thanks to the heart felt posters.

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