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Our mate John Ruddick to run as Liberal Democrat's NSW lead Senate candidate


The Liberal Democrats are proud to announce we have nominated John Ruddick as our lead senate candidate for NSW at the upcoming federal election.

Mr Ruddick joined the party in July and was quickly endorsed as the Liberal Democrats candidate in the federal seat of Warringah. Since this endorsement, the Liberal Democrats leadership have gotten to know Mr Ruddick well and we are impressed with his political skill and energy.

“John’s principles and values are in a firm alignment with the Liberal Democrats. He has the fire in his belly that our senate campaign needs.” Said National President Dr John Humphreys

The Liberal Democrats National Executive voted unanimously on Friday to make Mr Ruddick the Senate candidate for NSW.

“I was honoured when Campbell Newman phoned to let me know the Liberal Democrats wanted me to be their senate candidate in NSW.” Mr Ruddick said.

“A few months ago, I gave up all hope the NSW Liberal Party could ever be reformed and return to its small government founding. At that point I decided to join the Liberal Democrats and I thought by running for a high-profile seat like Warringah I could shake up the political establishment.”

“Since his endorsement, Mr Ruddick has stood up for our values by attending a peaceful protest to end the lockdowns, has encouraged many people to join our party through media appearances and articles and advised us on strategy.’ Dr Humphreys said

“When the Liberal Democrats invited me to step up as the senate candidate, I was surprised but honoured and delighted. I intend to give this campaign my all. This is not just another federal election.”

If elected, Mr Ruddick wants to put his energies into rolling back the COVID-state, slash debt and hold the federal government accountable for its lack of leadership during the pandemic.

“COVID-19 is a serious public health challenge but we have grossly and dangerously over-hyped it. In the process we have caused endless social and economic damage. The world community is dismayed by our COVID policy. If the Liberal Democrats can establish a presence in the Senate we will be a voice for rational COVID policy and begin to repair the economic damage by advocating for a return to the robust free market agenda of the 1980s.”