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Fmr British Army commander in Afghanistan calls for Biden court-martial

A small cross-section of fallout from The Biden Afghanistan Catastrophe

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US Black Hawk Helicopters Captured by Taliban as 'Horrified' Senators Demand DOD Audit | 20 Aug 2021 | Likely billions of dollars of American weapons and vehicles are now in the hands of the Taliban extremist group after the collapse of the Afghan government and army, with numerous videos and photos surfacing online showing Taliban members seizing the equipment. Photos have circulated of Taliban members holding American M-4 carbines and M-16 rifles rather than AK-47s or AKMs. Other images and videos showed the Taliban surrounding U.S. Black Hawk helicopters and A-29 Super Tucano attack aircraft. On Aug. 18, several Republican senators demanded the Department of Defense (DOD) provide full accounting over the weapons and equipment that were captured by the Taliban, considered by several agencies as a terrorist organization. "As we watched the images coming out of Afghanistan as the Taliban retook the country, we were horrified to see U.S. equipment--including UH-60 Black Hawks--in the hands of the Taliban," Sens. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), Bill Cassidy (R-La.) and two dozen other senators wrote to Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin this week.
ISIS terror threat forces US military to establish alternate routes to Kabul airport | 21 Aug 2021 | The US military is establishing "alternative routes" to Kabul airport because of a threat the terror group ISIS-K [I-CIA-SIS-K] poses to the airport and its surroundings, as Joe Biden met with senior officials Saturday to discuss the security situation in Afghanistan and counter-terrorism operations against the Islamic State offshoot. "There is a strong possibility ISIS-K is trying to carry off an attack at the airport," a US defense official told CNN. A senior diplomat in Kabul said they are aware of a credible but not immediate threat by Islamic State against Americans at Hamid Karzai International Airport. Two US defense officials described the military effort to establish "alternative routes" for people to get to Kabul airport and its access gates, with one saying these new routes will be available to Americans, third party nationals and qualified Afghans.
US Embassy in Afghanistan tells citizens to stay away from Kabul airport | 21 Aug 2021 | American citizens in Afghanistan should stay away from the international airport in Kabul, the U.S. Embassy now says. The development directly contradicts Joe Biden's insistence Friday that Americans could proceed to the airport freely from the Afghan capital and that an "agreement" with the Taliban had been reached over the issue. "Because of potential security threats outside the gates at the Kabul airport, we are advising U.S. citizens to avoid traveling to the airport and to avoid airport gates at this time," according to a Saturday security alert from the embassy.
Pentagon Aware of Reports That Americans Are Being Beaten By Taliban - Spokesman | 20 Aug 2021 | A spokesman for the Department of Defense (DOD) said the Pentagon is aware of reports that Americans have been beaten in Afghanistan by Taliban members, appearing to contradict comments made by Joe Biden earlier in the day. Earlier Friday, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told congressional lawmakers in a confidential call that U.S. citizens were assaulted in Kabul, according to several news outlets citing anonymous sources... When asked about the reports of beatings and Austin's comments, DOD press secretary John Kirby said, "We're certainly mindful of these reports and they're deeply troubling, and we have communicated to the Taliban that that's absolutely unacceptable, that we want free passage through their checkpoints for documented Americans."
Internal State Department Cable Warned of Kabul Collapse --July memo shows that administration officials were cautioned about Taliban's quick advance | 19 Aug 2021 | An internal State Department memo last month warned top agency officials of the potential collapse of Kabul soon after the U.S.'s Aug. 31 troop withdrawal deadline in Afghanistan, according to a U.S. official and a person familiar with the document. The classified cable represents the clearest evidence yet that the administration had been warned by its own officials on the ground that the Taliban's advance was imminent and Afghanistan's military may be unable to stop it. The cable, sent via the State Department's confidential dissent channel, warned of rapid territorial gains by the Taliban and the subsequent collapse of Afghan security forces, and offered recommendations on ways to mitigate the crisis and speed up an evacuation, the two people said. The cable, dated July 13, also called for the State Department to use tougher language in describing the atrocities being committed by the Taliban, one of the people said.
Biden State Dept. Moved to Abolish Crisis Response Bureau Months Before Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan --Internal memo says Biden officials canceled Trump-era emergency operations bureau | 18 Aug 2021 | The Biden State Department moved in June to cancel a program overseeing the protection and evacuation of American citizens stationed overseas in the case of an emergency, just as the Taliban was taking over Afghanistan, according to an internal State Department memo obtained by the Washington Free Beacon and multiple sources familiar with the matter. The Biden State Department moved to dissolve the Trump-era crisis response program, according to an internal State Department memo and sources familiar with the matter. That memo, which was marked sensitive but unclassified and was signed by Deputy Secretary Brian McKeon, approved the "discontinuation of the establishment, and termination of, the Contingency and Crisis Response Bureau (CCR)," a new State Department entity created during the Trump administration to coordinate emergency response services overseas.
Americans in Afghanistan rescued by British military - former deputy national security advisor --Matt Pottinger says the situation 'could get worse' in Afghanistan following the disastrous pullout by the Biden administration | 19 Aug 2021 | Former Deputy National Security Adviser Matt Pottinger discusses the future of Afghanistan on 'Kudlow.' The British military has stepped in to evacuate some American citizens who were left behind in Afghanistan following the Biden administration's chaotic pullout of U.S. forces and the nation's quick fall to Taliban terrorists, according to former Deputy National Security Advisor Matthew Pottinger. "The United Kingdom right now, I know that they're running patrols into Kabul to get British citizens, Afghans and in some cases Americans that they encounter, and helping bring them to safety," Pottinger told FOX Business's Larry Kudlow on Thursday.
7 killed in Kabul airport evacuation chaos, US officials say, as thousands flee Afghanistan after Taliban takeover | 16 Aug 2021 | Thousands of Afghans rushed into Kabul's main airport Monday, some so desperate to escape the Taliban that they held onto a military jet as it took off and plunged to their deaths. At least seven people died in the chaos, U.S. officials said, as America's longest war ended with its enemy the victor. The crowds came while the Taliban enforced their rule over the capital of 5 million people after a lightning advance across the country that took just over a week to dethrone the country's Western-backed government.