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A rare insight into the authoritarian Gladys has become.

ABC feral breaks the new social media code to defend Parliament House vandals.

The ABC’s new staff social media code of behaviour is less than a day old and already one of the in house ferals has gone rogue.

Here's an extract:

Screen Shot 2021-08-10 at 12.04.17 pm

Parliament House ABC activist and occasional reporter Jess Davis pulls a full time wage - and clearly thinks she’s a player too - Tweeting in defence of vandals.

A MP quite rightly expresses a view about the vandalism of the building - her right as an MP.


ABC feral decides it’s her job to defend the protesters.



The ABC has a HUGE culture problem and it appears the head of news Gaven Morris might not be up to the challenge to fix the in-house bias problems when the ferals just ignore the rules.

Sack a few and see what happens.

In any normal company, ABC feral Jess Davis would be shown the door.


The ABC is its own little club and a deeply underperforming one at that.