Why isn't a woman being burnt alive on an English street a huge news story?
New ABC Social Media rules designed to stop Louise Milligan making more of an idiot of herself.

Another paper on Ivermectin-Based Multidrug Therapy in Severe Hypoxic Ambulatory COVID-19 Patients

This paper on the effectiveness of Ivermectin comes from Sydney, Australia's Dr Thomas Borody and colleagues.

Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 8.59.42 am

Ivermectin is a safe, inexpensive and effective early COVID-19 treatment validated in 20+ RCTs. Having developed combination therapies for Helicobacter pylori , we tested various COVID-19 combinations and describe the most effective. In 24 consecutive COVID-19 subjects with high risk features, hypoxia and untreated moderate-severe symptoms averaging 9 days, we trialed this novel combination comprising ivermectin, doxycycline, zinc, and Vitamins D and C. It was highly effective. All subjects resolved symptoms in 11 days on average, and oxygen saturation improved in 24hrs (87.4% to 93.1%, p =0.001). Hospitalizations and deaths were significantly fewer ( p <0.002 or 0.05, respectively) than in background-matched controls from the CDC database. Triple combination therapy is safe and effective even in moderate-severe patients with hypoxia treated in the outpatient setting. Trial Registration N/A, see methods.


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Ivermectin could literally end the pandemic in 1 month. Yet we have journalists like Clinton Maynard asking why don't we throw people walking on Bondi Beach in jail and ban them from supermarkets.


The "wonder drug" from Japan. Where is Pfizer based, not Japan I presume?



Gee, what if Trump was right all along........and the left said he was mad when he mentioned other drugs and Fauci piled on..... oh well!!! LOL


I look forward to this story being front page and top story on the news tonight but I won't be holding my breath. According to another source our Governments were suckered into signing contracts by Pfizer and other which meant even if another treatment for COVID was found (eg HCQ / IVM) they still had to take and pay for the 'vaccines'. Now it looks like they are too embarrassed to admit they have been taken for a ride at great cost.


Would these experiments be treating the normal flu virus as I thought no-one has been able to prove covid19 even exists?


WHY? Because weak, cowered, government authorities want to hide the problem everyone is living with.
Muslims are taking over whole towns and even cities in the UK. They are destroying the British way of life.
It makes me angry. Very angry.

John Smith

"What does it matter ..."


View and share please



This is what should be promoted at every opportunity. Stunning results from overseas and would negate the need for this "vaccination programme".

In Italy, vaccinated people are burning their Green Passes in a protest against the mandating of the vaccination passes on the public. First the police take their helmets off in protest marches, now burning the Passes.

Katie ell

HI Michael, this is from the ANR yesterday & may be of interest to some.
Dr. Jeanette Young’s husband is Professor Graeme Nimmo. He’s the Director of Queensland pathology and into Genomic sequencing (ie. variants, so that detail comes from his office), and also funnily enough he is a founding member of something called AGAR who are affiliated with Australian Society for Antimicrobials of which Prof Nimmo is a committee member and which Pfizer is a corporate sponsor.
He has served on the advisory board for Pfizer before too, so the push for Pfizer is a blatant conflict of interest, the governor’s back pocket will be getting a filling. There are other names like Thomas Gottleib and Geoff Coombs in the same group that came up a few times through this. But I didn’t look into them – does anyone else has any interest in delving further?
Next connection is Australian Philanthropist billionaire couple Andrew and Nicola Forrest who have ‘Minderoo Foundation’, and have direct ties to The Gates foundation, had hooked up through his ‘contacts’ for The Australian Govt to source millions of testing kits to come from BGI (Beijing Genomics Institute), direct from China.
Guess who also has a business relationship with them? Henry Palaszczuk – Anastacia’s father and Ex Qld MP, who founded a DNA storage company (trillion-dollar industry apparently) called GTA foundation, and who held a conference on their strategy, etc in Sept 2019 in China which is a hush.
I think he also is involved with a Chinese company under his other name he uses ‘Beileqi’ who manufactures monitoring and electrical equipment and Smart grid stuff. Now Henry and Prof Graeme Nimmo are about the same age in their 70’s or thereabouts, something tells me they’re close because they both have the Genomics interest.
Not only this, but BGI Australia has their lab in Herston, the same location as Qld pathology – the same place Professor Nimmo works!! (Is all DNA from the tests stored? – I think this is highly likely!)
Bill Gates also funds BGI projects.. covid 19 and Genomics ones at that!!
This is only ONE aspect I’ve looked into, I haven’t seen anyone else yet pick up Prof Nimmo/BGI/Minderoo association.
Greg Hunt did a media thing with The Minderoo billionaire that went south so they must have a relationship.
b o m b drop. ??!!!
We are being played fully played by an evil few. They are strategic, I will give them that!!

Sounds like Anastacia is doing the bidding of her masters???

Ned of Kellyville

There are now a rapidly growing number of reputable clinicians and others in the field putting themselves behind the IVM, doxycycline, Zinc, Vitamins D & C combination. Many include HCQ also because of its additional beneficial activity at a different stage of the disease. (However, we all know it has the "Trump Taint")

Hospital administrations need to take note, and quickly, especially if they are forking out big bucks for remdesivir.


Remember at press conference Trump said people who wanted vaccine it now available. He also said for those who didn't want vaccine, there would be treatment available for them if they got sick. He did not scapegoat them, he accepted people's choices.
This the man left Elites call Dictator. It is Left Elites who are The Problem - cosy in their security guarded homes living off their capitalistic acquired millions/billions (so much like the man they dispose).


And then you read this.


Robert W Malone, MD
This is key to understanding "what the heck is going on". Apparently in Israel, I am told by Israeli scientist, the agreement between Pfizer and the government is that no adverse events from the vax are to be disclosed for a minimum of 10 years.


The evil [redacted - use your imagination] are experimenting on babies and small children now with their biological weapon.


Oh I remember everything about Trump.......they voted in Biden because the hatred of Trump ran deep and in the end it was 'anybody but Trump' and Biden won...........keep your eye on the Mid Terms!

And Trump told them back in March of last year the virus came from a lab in Wuhan and he closed the borders, he got crucified for that.........not a Trump fan, he was just too brash, lacked some style.............as for Biden, well, would be good if he went for that cognitive test!


I look forward to our corrupt media and politicians from all sides apologising to Craig Keely who informed the Prliament just over 1 Year ago of the benefits of IVM and combination therapies to treat COVID-19.


Small numbers and no control group . More info about data and methodology as I was taught to scrutinise when doing post grad in Statistics research and Analysis .

Destroyer D69

It is marketed as the ZIVERDO kit Readily available online.The only component not included is the vit D. This is the therapy that I understand is used in India with startling positive results from the beginning of the COVID madness.


Our politicians secret contracts with pfizer and co, preclude them from doing so...Indemnity? No problem.


Vive la France! Young people in France are now deliberately trying to contract the Corona virus so they can get their vax passports quicker and to avoid taking any of the vaccines and risking side effects. On a cost benefit basis this makes a lot of sense if you are young and healthy. https://freewestmedia.com/2021/08/08/new-trend-in-france-get-infected/


Saw an interview last week or two ago with a man living in Gibraltar who very proudly and somewhat smugly stated that life had gone back to "normal" as 100% of the population were fully vaccinated. Today on Natural News there is a report that there is dramatic surge of new "cases" - up 2,500% since June 1. Restrictions, masking, lock downs, etc are all back in place.

Only prior to the vaccination programme was the case rate in Gibraltar low. The 99% vaccination rate was achieved by June 1st.

So much for a return to normality.

Bet we won't hear about that one on the news.


Remind me, what is the official party line on why Ivermectin is considered 'Bad'?

Wasn't it about causing blood clots in something like 1 in a 1,000,000 cases?

I only ask as The Jab here in Australia is recognised as causing TTS in the under 50s at a rate of 35 per million and (as of last weeks .tga.gov.au report) 6 deaths.

(interesting the most recent weekly report doesn't seem to list the total number of people who died after recently getting the Jab. That was over 400, but was brushed off with the 'people die all the time and this is nothing exceptional' excuse. Using very loose fingers and toes predictions we could have around 1200 deaths if and when Australia is fully vaccinated, none of which would be a cause of concern.)

So, can we compare the Jab to Ivermectin.

One is repeatedly shown to be very effective in treatment and the other actually seems to increase your chances in becoming a Case.

Why is one being pushed and the other banished?

Destroyer D69

https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org/frontlinenews/information-security-expert-on-revealed-pfizer-agreements-theres-good-reason-pfizer-fought-to-hide-the-details-of-these-contracts/ Where the answers can be found?


Good detective work there Katie. Keep at it, because there is so much more to be uncovered.

On the DNA/Genomes, have you made any connection between the jabs, and 5G and 6G?


And everyone thought the Nazis were defeated in World War 2.


It is pleasing to see this paper discusses treatment regimes involving combinations of drugs. Deniers have performed straw man look over here distractions where they focus on the efficacy of just one drug at a time and then with ballyhoo announce they find no statistical effect when no one ever claimed any one drug to be a magic bullet. One reason 'Vitamin I' has been disparaged is consider how much annual revenue the pharma companies make each year from the cough and sore throat lozenges and medicines sold on pharmacies and supermarkets even though they have little or no effect.


You may need the cognitive test.

The election was riddled with fraud, Trump would have romped in, had the Left's manipulative machine not succeeded.

Biden is a nasty (check out his previous videos of his nasty ways), he is destroying the country (keep up with the news!

Sure he needs a cognitive test, but everything the press demonised Trump for, has turned out to be accurate, just wait for the day when the true results or shenanigans of the election are unfurled.


Trump won all 50 States.....that will soon be proven....


Have Chanting Kerry, Dick Coatsworth and all other so called health advisers/expert ever bothered to read any papers proving the effectiveness of vitamin D, vitamin C and Ivermectin?
Too closely tied to the drug companies and not big enough to admit they made the wrong choice.
Every complicit politician, burearocrat and health advisor is personally accountable for every bankruptcy,financial loss and suicide linked to these Marxcist/Socialist lock downs and fearmongering.


If you have ever followed my post in the past, I have never ever been in favour of Biden.......we know how the election was run, we know from the day Trump won the lefts mantra was 'he's not our President'........we know how the left have manipulated the MSM, we know they only asked the hard questions of McEnany and give Jen an easy ride, even when she say's 'I'll circle back on that one".........and we all have seen Nancy Pelosi's nastiness!

No no cognitive test for me........I liked what Trump achieved despite what the Democrats threw at him, they wanted him to start a war, not finish one...........actually, I do keep up with the news....my daughter lives in Cali for the past 14 years and I can tell you about the hatred they had for Trump over there, they were blinded by the MSM bias which was relentless. There is not a video of Biden I haven't seen........I follow Hannity and Tucker and they post religiously Biden blunders.....surely you have seen my posts about Biden and the basement!!!

When she first went to the States, the hatred for Bush was just as palatable......then went he came out against Trump, it looked like he was going to be voted a Nobel Peace Prize........and there he was at Biden's swearing in!! Reading CNN and Fox daily as I do, is the same difference between the Australian and The Age!

Voter fraud is rife, try changing that is like taking guns off them after a school shooting.


Because one DJT said it should be used......and the left have ignored it ever since then. Scumbags.


Exactly Carolyn.

Dennis Thompson

Yes, people who are vaccinated will become robots controlled by the government forever more.

5G is only the beginning, consider how many people can no longer live without a mobile phone and other devices already since the wireless technology was introduced, look at the people around you, they are robots but don't know it, worst of all are the addicts to twitting and other social media mind bending traps.

This is why EV is being forced onto consumers, free market capitalism undermined, autonomous EV that can be directed by the government including limiting destinations robot people are permitted to access, and that's just 5G.

The High Church of Climate Change (The Climatologists) is the place of worship of the warming future by Information technology indoctrination, brain washing via electrical devices.

And in the not too distant future one hand held device will be operated by micro chip inserted during vaccination to complete the robotic people transition.


Why would One Nation not pick up on this or any other independent MP. Call it out for Gods sake.

Ned of Kellyville

Doctors talk to oneanother and it would be interesting what they are saying about the IVM, HCQ, doxycycline, zinc, vit D & C combo.
When the discoverer of the Helicobacter bacterium comes out in support, doctors should listen.

I think your blaming of large numbers of deaths on the vaccines is not supported by the TGA site.

From the TGA site:
"Large scale vaccination means that coincidentally some people will experience a new illness or die within a few days or weeks of vaccination.

The TGA reviews all deaths reported in people who have received the vaccination. We also monitor the database of reports for signals that may relate to vaccine safety to distinguish between coincidental events and possible side effects of the vaccine. So far, the observed number of deaths reported after vaccination remains less than the expected number of deaths that would occur naturally, or from other causes, for that proportion of the population.

Since the beginning of the vaccine rollout to 1 August 2021, over 12.4 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been given. The TGA has found that 7 reports of deaths were likely to be linked to immunisation from 425 reports received and reviewed. These deaths occurred after the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine – 6 were TTS cases and one was a case of immune thrombocytopenia (ITP)."

In regard to ivermectin as a treatment for Covid 19, I agree with you.


The States are still struggling with the Trump days........they are slowly realising the mistake of a Biden election...... the border crisis, the revelations at the extent of voter fraud, the GND that would send them down the Venezuelan road.....but there are already blue states turning red.

Trump was treated with a course of remdesivir.....and he did have other drugs........but because it was all new and because it was Trump and the hatred ran deep it was hard to get any valued information.

And of course when he pushed hydroxychloroquine the left wanted to push the fact that he wanted everyone to stick a needle full of bleach in their arms........the fight was lost back then!


I have been following the story of Ivermectin since I discovered the work of Dr. Pierre Kory. This was months ago. I too am aware that this whole situation could be resolved within a very short period of time with a cheap, off-patent, medication with a very good history of minimal side-effects. I am staggered as to why our 'leaders' do not possess this knowledge. There is something rotten in the state of Denmark!

One Born Every Minute

How can Dr Hahn speak for FDA now?

Dr. Stephen M. Hahn served as the 24th Commissioner of Food and Drugs from December 17, 2019 to January 20, 2021.


I can't get into the paper, the site keeps saying too much traffic????????
Help, please.

Tony Johnson

I am 76 years old and as confused as most people between what is the truth or otherwise around vaccines and remedies for or against the battle with COVID.
The instruction from politicians is to discuss with your GP and book in for the jab.
I am not an anti vaxer but have doubts about what is being promoted (both politically and from so called medical experts) and so I did discuss with my GP.

I have, for many years taken a natural substance to boost and maintain my immune level and when I discussed this, my GP (who advised me they had also studied virology) made no effort to encourage me to have the jab and said if I was comfortable about my immune level then so was she.
From what I have read, whilst the COVID jab may give immune boost to fight the COVID variant at the time, it “may” jeopardise immunity to other existing ailments, and will (as per the flu jab) require constant boosters as the virus changes.

Anyone got any valid reason for me to change my mind?


This was posted about trial in Israel other day


Dr Malone is the creator of the MRNA formula, so concerned was he about the lack of data surrounding these vaccines he produced a video warning anyone who cared to watch about the danger - unsurprisingly, Youtube took the video down - this is where we are at, anything contrary to the totalitarian narrative is considered to be "misinformation" and must be done away with - big brother 101!

Dennis Thompson

Those supplements boost the immune system and are believed to provide some protection or barrier to virus attack like COVID-19, but do not provide immunity or replace vaccination. Also remember to drink sufficient water every day.

Obviously the healthier a person is the more likely that their immune system can cope.

But it is recommended that people consult their doctor for advice.

I have observed that too many people seem to believe that politicians are the health decision makers, they are not, they act on advice provided by health professionals. In fact they agree to purchase defence assets on specialist advice and with most decisions.


This JOE ROGAN whose audio has been top ranking on SPOTIFY everywhere; he seems to be a bit of a legend.



Would be better to take HCQ or Ivermectin as prophylactic.

Dennis Thompson

For your information - Vitamin D


Dennis Thompson



Let's keep it in perspective. The expert political class ban on anti virals is purely based on Trump hatreds
How many more have to die because the experts hate Trump?


Me too, Matthew ... I have been following Dr Pierre Kory and many others who have looked into the known research and meta-studies, or who have personally prescribed and administered Ivermectin to their SARS-CoV2 patients with amazing success and no downside.

It would appear that to have emergency use of vaccines, there can be no alternative treatments available. Once the emergencies are gone, then expect an enormous price hike in there vaccines, and then "amazingly" Ivermectin will be "discovered" as a cheap, safe, viable and effective treatment.

It's literally a case (allegedly) of big pharma and governments colluding on vaccines without caring about outcomes. Ivermectin is our best chance to safely defeat COVID. But while Ivermectin is being prevented by governments for "off label" use, people will die - either from COVID or from the vaccines. I say they are criminally negligent.

The use of Ivermectin in India, Peru, Mexico, Indonesia and other nations who can't get vaccines, or the cost of the vaccine is too high, clearly demonstrates Ivermectin efficacy and resolving SAS-CoV2.

The funny thing is - this ought not to be a left-v-right political issue - either Ivermectin works or it doesn't. Studies and clinical case examples shows that it does.


Ivermectin has literally had several billion human doses handed out over the last 30 or so years for the prevention of river blindness and treatment of parasitic infections.  Both are OTC (no prescription required) in many nations.  Budesonide is used by asthmatics as a daily maintenance drug by millions as well, and again, outside of the US can typically be bought OTC for a few dollars.  These are drugs with safety profiles similar to Tylenol and aspirin.  Yet we denied people the right to use them when first infected, or suspected to be and worse, we called them dangerous despite their documented safety profile on a world-wide basis.  

From well deserved consequences



'living off their capitalistic acquired millions/billions'

You may have missed the 'Marx' with that one.
These guys despise Capitalism and live in a Fascist world where Big State and Big Business have combined to destroy the ability of a free individual to capitalize on their skills and labour. The idealists and their socialist dream states are wanting for cash and have no where left to go but to suck up to those to whom they have given the wealth of their people. The only asset they had left was the people themselves. So shut up and get you Kool Aid Jab, if all works out maybe one of the super rich may choose your body to stick his head onto in his pursuit of immortality.


Exactly.........remember when Trump had COVID and had Ivermectin amongst some other drugs, the left both here and the US imploded.......the hatred of Trump ran so deep..........just the same as when he said the virus was lab related..........well, they got what they wanted in Biden........and the same will happen here......the Morrison haters will make sure you get Albo!

Chris M

Sounds like you have a good GP Tony!

Make sure your vitamin D level is good (mid day sun rather than pills) and vitamin C (fruit rather than pills) zinc (yes food such as oysters, pills if you must). Then keep some Ivermectin on hand, Eraquell pellets if you can't get a script.


I am 74 years of age.
I have led a healthy life. There is no way I will have this experimental so called vaccine. Why be vaccinated against something that is not deadly and the survival rate if you catch it is a 99.8% survival rate.
Gov. Is just spreading fear and trying to control a population.
You are more likely to be affected badly by the "vaccine"


No, these people are ultimate capitalists. They love their money and privelege. As was the case with every Russian Communist leader and every other Marxist leader. Marxism, you see, is only for the little people. Marxism is very, very patronising.

Marxism believes in having totalitarian leadership. This because they don't want little people to have freedom.

Marxism, when he planning for his revolution, insisted that the aggitators be the dipshits because he realised real workers had too much to give up. It was dipshits job to disrupt and lie about the promised land, so that workers fell for that lie. Like Antifa now.

Some say true Christianity is true Communism. No, it would be Eutopianism. Christianity would have disposed Marxist leadership. But Christian know too Eutopia can never happen and this recognised by Christians because they know story of Serpent and Adam.


Thank you for this. Very interesting and have sent the link to several other people i know who are interested in learning as much as they can about Ivermectin.

There can be side effects from Ivermectin but overall it is a safe drug. Would really like to see more trials done into it.

Some people like me can't have vaccines (even if I did want the covid one, which I do not) so am interested in other types of treatments. Just because we may be against this "vaccine" for a variety of reasons does not mean we do not want to protect ourselves or heal ourselves should we get sick. There has to be a number of ways - safe ways to treat this illness and not rely on only one solution - a dodgy one at best. These "vaccines" are a one size fits all approach - just doesn't work.


This current USA recommendation for hospitalised Covid patients

One Born Every Minute

Excellent Kate.

Would love to see a half decent Reporter air this on MSM.

Deer in the headlights look by the Sellouts answering to those Qs!

Dreams cost nothing I guess.

Onee Born Every Minute

Because they have all been placed there well in advance.

Voting is an illusion. In your face now.




No confusion, just truth.


Jesus Christ, I hope you are right. We need another saviour.


Just like Australia when the prime minister of steel(George bushes quote), took the the guns off us.
This conspiracy has been taking place over decades and the main stayers are making hay while the sun shines.
Please do not fall into the know it all category. You are obviously an intelligent woman.
"actually, I do keep up with the news....my daughter lives in Cali for the past 14 years and I can tell you about the hatred they had for Trump over there, they were blinded by the MSM bias which was relentless. There is not a video of Biden I haven't seen........I follow Hannity and Tucker and they post religiously Biden blunders.....surely you have seen my posts about Biden and the basement!!! ----- more confusion to the average.

Big Toe Hurts

Alternate treatments (homeopathy, acupuncture, Bowens therapy, etc.), medicines and therapies are legally available for most/all ailments known to mankind except for Covid-19. Why is that?


Video from a Kiwi Doctor almost a year ago explaining the fallacy of using the PCR diagnostic test as a screening test.



Nope, they merely changed domiciles


Rod W

And another favourable, peer-reviewed paper just published (5 Aug 2021).

This one studied the prophylaxis benefits in Indian healthcare workers. Remember India had massive outbreak around April, which was brought under control in most states with Ivermectin.

Conclusion: An 83% reduction in Covid infections for those taking the drug.


another ian

Ivermectin is approved for human use for internal parasites externals like lice and things like river blindness and elephantiasis. Estimates of around 3.8 billion doses and rising and sfa side effects. Seems to require a massive overdose to show any effects.

But you can't have it because it is dangerous - /s!

Alcohol and tobacco have known dangerous effects but they're still on sale.

Maybe IVM and HCQ need to cop a "Morality tax"?


Perhaps it's this kind of common sense that can save humanity?


More proof the rich are given preferential treatment.

A multi-millionaire hedge fund founder living in the United Kingdom has been allowed to skip out on mandatory hotel quarantine after three days to attend his father’s funeral.

Hilton Nathanson arrived in Perth on August 6 on a Qatar Airways flight from London via Doha and immediately entered a state-run quarantine facility, news.com.au understands.

But today, the 51-year-old Australian was allowed to temporarily leave the hotel to travel to Guildford Cemetery for the funeral service of his father, Marshall.


*** Many normal Australian have not even been allowed to see dying family members ***


Where were everyone last year when Trump was pushing ivermectin and the other drugs........no where, because there was no vaccine back then, only now is anyone talking about it........the Democrats killed off any discussion back then because it was Trump and he was treated as a loony.........if only they all had sat up and taken notice!


Normal Australians can't grease the right palms!!!


I hardly think that is a legitimate medical journal. It does not have an impact factor. In the same issue it published an article on astral projection. Peer reviews normally take more than 22 days - and are only as good as the peers who review it. Just like climate catastrophe science.


Apologies Ming, I threw you a 'red herring' with my 'Marx' pun.

These guys are what Darius the Persian foretold as by their 'Malpractices will Unite'. They have control of the Multinational Businesses, NGOs, Banking System, Communications, Courts and Governments. We have never seen Fascism on this scale before.

Back on the Ivermectin cure for the common cold.


Catte Black warns of what may be another diversion to reinforce the narrative.

'So if a particular narrative is pointing you toward the rocky and wave-beaten outcrop of Point Fear, stop and think before you get there.

Remember the pandemic is a lie and the PCRs can’t diagnose active infection and 96% of people who died ‘with covid’ were already very old and/or dying of something else when they were given a scientifically meaningless PCR test and became a largely meaningless statistic.

The rest – anything that starts looping around a circuitous route back to the ‘deadly bug’ story is just clever diversion.

Don’t end up clinging to a rock on Point Fear screaming about the virus or the variants or the super-duper breakthrough killer bugs. That’s where they want you. Terrified, ineffectual and a slave to anything that mitigates your fear.

Stay on firm ground. Stay sane. Stay on the only message that matters.

There’s nothing to fear except the fear-mongers, their “great reset” social reforms and their snake oil, ‘experimental’, totally unnecessary ‘cure’.'


I've been following Ivermectin for about twenty years, when I first started dosing my dogs with it. Read up on it then, and have known ever since what a 'wonder drug" it is.

When the Nobel prize for medicine went to Campbell and Omura in 2015 I needed no research to know why they'd got it. For Ivermectin, of course. Before the current attempted takeover of the world by the billionaire (and trillionaire) elites, the US NIH had this to say in their literature....

"In addition to its extraordinary efficacy against parasitic diseases, ivermectin continues to offer new clinical applications due to its ability to be repurposed TO TREAT NEW CLASSES of diseases. Beyond its invaluable therapeutic role in onchocerciasis and strongyloidiasis, an increasing body of evidence points to the potential of ivermectin as AN ANTIVIRAL agent."

Bearing in mind that Ivermectin was constantly ignored and denied even when there was no other purported treatment (ie before the killer G-therapies were rolled out) you really can't ignore the murderous intent of those against it....at least back then. FFS, what kinda criminals are running and ruining our country?

Destroyer D69

The main difference between dosage for parasites or covid that I have come across, is that for parasitic treatment it should be retained in the digestive tract , hence the dosage is specified to be taken on an empty stomach,For covid, the theraputic action is in the bloodstream hence it should be taken WITH food so that the fats in the food can carry it(Ivermectin) into the bloodstream. This fact is not mentioned in any of the negative results used to vilify Ivermectin.


you honestly believe
creepy was elected
not a chance

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