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Aussie digger writes to ABC smear-merchant Mark Willacy - it's OK for soldiers to take their shirts off



Mark Willacy

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) senior reporter



Thank you for ratcheting up Army (and our Special Forces) recruitment efforts today with your article about soldiers having fun, drinking with friends (some getting drunk), interpreting a family board game (Twister) and improvising with weapons.

Despite your best efforts to discredit our soldiers and their commanders….none of these frivolous activities warrant further scrutiny…and least not by you.

Thankfully, SAS and Commando Regiment 2022 selection course candidate numbers received a booster shot today - for anyone of military age and spirit that has read or seen (from your accompanying video footage) that the Army still offers a glimpse of camaraderie, low-level adult entertainment, partial nudity and a bit of alcohol.

For others, this might attract a few good men and women that will spend significant parts of their working life at the pointiest end on the two-way firing range.

Could you please give our special forces soldiers a break!

To be fair Mark,you’ve had a pretty good run…writing about your Army and Australia’s operations in Afghanistan. I don’t want to embarrass you but you’ve presumably been dining out at our (the Australian taxpayer) expense for more than a decade. And what’s worse….you’ve probably claimed more in travel expenses from our taxpayers than our special forces soldiers received in field allowance.

It leaves a sour taste Mark, but I remain optimistic.

Your article made soldiering look fun again. After years of you and our taxpayer-funded National broadcaster giving airtime to the dubious accusations of Afghan villagers, it was a nice to see footage of our soldiers socialising together in a relatively safe and private environment. (I note that nude twister has inherent risk involved).

For that, I’m grateful.

Yours sincerely

Aussie Digger

PS. Mark, I’m not sure why the “Z-Force” image caught the eye of your editorial team?

Was it the historical link to Z-Special Force? …the WW2 unit Special Forces unit that conducted more than 80 covert operations in the South West Pacific theatre. I’ve attached a photo from Z-Force. As you’ll see, it’s okay to take shirts off, get a photo with your mates and not have it turned into a media investigation.

I’m sure that you’d love to hear that our SF operators are now finishing their missions with kale and washing it down with warm kombucha, hot yoga and another bout of diversity training.

An aspirational end-state for ABC luvvies like you.