Nine's 2GB is radio's 'New Coke'
Defence Force chief releases response to ADF Afghanistan enquiry

Aust Govt Future Fund's #1 investment? Commonwealth Serum Laboratories.

Thanks to reader Cheers for the tip!

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We invest the assets of each fund in line with its individual investment mandate and strategy.

We seek out the best investment ideas for the targeted risk and return objectives in a given investment environment. 

There are a range of factors that shape our investment portfolios, including the investment mandates, our investment beliefs, our investment model and our investment policies.  We strive to develop a thorough understanding of the investment environment and key drivers of portfolio risks and their potential impact on the portfolio.

We partner with investment managers who execute investment strategies on our behalf.

Each fund we manage is unique, so we take a tailored approach to how we approach investing their assets.

We disclose substantial information about the portfolio through our annual report and our regular portfolio updates. In addition, we publish a list of our top 100 listed equity holdings.

Want to learn more about how we invest the assets of the Future Fund? Our Investing the Future Fund booklet takes a closer look.

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