ABC Leigh Sales lands huge exclusive interview with ABC Annabel Crabb.
These kids'll be dining out on this for years!


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What did they learn? Is it possible to stuff things up even more?

robert griffiths

Incarcerate your population and tell them what to do, brilliant


Love to know what drug he is on, very hallucinogenic.


He is telling the sheeple what he thinks they want to hear.

Michelle Two

The NWO gets the best and brightest .. this is why the world is in chaos.. the NWO only need souls they can control, no one with intelligence or set of values fit their job description.. these roles usually go to direct bloodlines of the Illuminati.. they call themselves family once you are in the web.. love and light xx


I don't think he has 100% support:-

I wonder how DanderMan would go taking a public stroll?
[ even on flat ground with no steps]


Takes advice from Soros

Admires the Chinese communists


Many around. Look at arrogance of this NSW Minister Naftali yesterday, blast people for not taking AZ vaccine, then read what he say in this quote quote. Trust him? Has he had it?

Brad Hazzard quote:

“What I would say is for older patients, for older residents, you can also have AstraZeneca … I’ve got personal friends, family members who have had AstraZeneca. It’s a very good vaccine. It’s saved vast numbers of people right across the world from what is an extremely dangerous virus,” Mr Hazzard said."

Indeed, this what he says about people who have done what he also done ... that is not have the AZ.

"Go and get vaccinated. Not getting vaccinated is self-entitled and indulgent in the extreme in the middle of a pandemic.”

Article report from The New Daily yesterday.

Up The Workers!

Corrupt politicians have given the manufacturers of untested, experimental graphene oxide nanoparticle drugs a total waiver of all legal liability for negligence, incompetence and worse, but that doesn't excuse either the NSW Health Hazzard or Fidel's bastard-son from legal liability if somebody acts on his ignorant politicians' say so, and dies as a result.

Better to remain silent and be thought of as 'possibly a fool', than to open your gob and remove all doubt!


Here's a question I saw on another forum that really deserves to be asked at every press conference. "If Covid is so dangerous that people have to stay 1.5 metres apart, why do they need to shove a swab deep into your sinus to get a sample?" Surely a tongue swipe like they use for drug tests would pick up this "highly transmissible" disease from your saliva, right?


There was Dan just yesterday on TV, telling the gullible whom he hoped had not a single functioning brain cell "If you are unvaxed and end up in hospital with Covid19, you are taking a bed away from maybe a child with serious burns" (paraphrased)'

What about "if you have a skinful, and then fall flat on your back on the steps, and end up in hospital you are taking a bed away from maybe a child with serious burns"? You the sanctimonious Dan did, just a little while ago.

it's rare for a 48 year old bloke to be so negligent...such a dill, that he can't descend a flight of stairs AT ALL without cracking his back, but here we have found one, And he's happy to lecture the rest of us about what HE reckons is the right way to do something! FFS, what a total moron."

Capt Baz

Dickhead! Stuff me, you're being kind to that moron Michael.

Peter G

Yes, cause they learned that if you tell lies over and over and over again people gradually come around to the understanding that your lies must be truth.
Not to mention that a relentless scare campaign will result in people assisting tyrants in removing freedoms, welcoming liberty and accepting tyrannical rule of their lives.
This should be applied to everything.

John Smith

Is Someone CLEANING the MESS/SWAMP in Canada?

Romana Didulo @romanadidulo ~ Head of State & Commander-in-Chief, Head of Government, Queen of Canada @romanadidulo

@RomanaDidulo, Head of State & Commander-in-Chief, Head of Government, Queen of Canada. This is my real account. All others are fake.

Proposing a NEW FLAG as the current is TAINTED

The Red and White Flag of Canada - is a Corporation's Flag.

And, the Red ensign was in use since 1800s.

It is fake Queen Elizabeth II and DeepState Cabal and Co's Flag.

It also represents the innocent blood of kidnapped children the Reptilians have eaten...

Do you remember the 10 Indigenous Children from "Kamloops, BC Canada" who went on a picnic with fake Queen Elizabeth II of England and her Husband?

The 10 Children never returned and never seen since that day.

It also represents all the fake Wars Canada participated in.

That Flag symbolizes corruption, criminality, evil, and crimes against humanity.

Go investigate and make up YOUR OWN MIND !!!


These dicks are all narcissists and megalomaniacs: not on nay drugs at all 9mostly). Have a look at the following. the whole vid is good but the 50 seconds from the 4.00 minute mark illustrates the point....

If you are unwilling to click: it's a rundown of Canadian premiers and health officials breaking the health directives, followed by the premier of Manitoba (a Canadian province = State) announcing that God got it wrong with only 10 commandments, and that he, the premier, has added an 11th....which the earlier examples have all broken already. This new GOD must be so upset....

Delusions of grandeur barely scratches the surface. THIS is a state premier, FFS!


People may have Vax or have questions on Vax or not Vax and that , my belief, is their right. But real issue is politicians and CMOs and other warlords lying/evading/ grandstanding/warlording.

Every time there is a change, they cannot even say

"What we thought yesterday was wrong, that's why we saying this today. Even this might change. These are the research and logistics we are relying on today. All that information will be posted to X Gov site
so that you can go there and research and question it"

But way they are acting, just bunch of dingoes. No transparency and deliberately causing confusion and panic by their very own behaviour. They are the hysterical, self-entitled and indulgent. They are the ones, it seems deliberately, making people lose trust.

Media also complicit- lost ability to question and investigate.

Not on the Left

Someone should tell brain-dead dickhead Dictator For Life Dan that you can be double-vaxxed and still end up in hospital with Covid19.


Is he Canadian or Cuban?


Video circulating sums up Trudeau.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was called a “Communist f*ck” by a man who pretended to want to take a picture with him.

A masked Trudeau was seen posing with a man who initially seemed excited to take a picture with him, but that changed quickly when the man unleashed the slur, prompting Trudeau to quickly walk away.

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