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Keep Two Squadron SASR flag flying. Who Dares Wins.

BOYCOTT 2 SQN SASR “Flag Folding” Ceremony

SOCOMD (Special Operations Command) is canvassing the Veteran Community to attend as flag bearers to a 2 SQN SASR “Flag Folding” ceremony, this week at Campbell Barracks, Swanbourne. We see this request as a slap in the face to all those who created 57 years of impeccable service history.
The idea of a “Flag Folding” ceremony is insensitive and also an insult to many 2 SQN SASR families, and those 13 SASR members who were victimised and have since been exonerated from the flawed Brereton Inquiry.
Fly a 2 SQN SASR flag on your social media/other pages this week, as a sign of solidarity.
Together we want to send a strong message to the Minister of Defence, Peter Dutton, in seeking his support to reverse the decision that led our Prime Minister to act on flawed advice that has left such a stain on the legacy of the SASR.
Reinstate 2 SQN SASR and fly the flag with pride in order to restore the reputation of all those who served. They did so with dignity and honour. We recognise the sacrifices too of the 2 SQN SASR families. We thank you all for your service!
Write to Minister Dutton.
Email: Defence Minister:
Chief of Army:
WOI (Retd) Kerry Danes (ex-2Sqn)
Dr Kay Danes OAM