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Media Release - NSW taxpayers funding child sex grooming website - Where is the Health Minister?

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The Christian Democratic Party has recently been made aware of a State Government website created by NSW Health and funded by the taxpayer. This website is called‘Play Safe’. The stated purpose is to be a “one-stop shop for young people wanting to know about safe sex”.

This website is specifically targeting young Australians on how to have safe vaginal, oral and heterosexual anal sex. Unfortunately, it is so much worse than that. The Play Safe website has a forum whereby users can post about topics and questions, this forum is monitored by NSW Health employees. Some of these topics include:

‘How do you have anal sex for the first time?’ – In this thread various taxpayer funded forum ‘Moderators’ ask each other how to have anal sex ‘safely’. Anal Sex is not safe, it is the riskiest and most likely transmission of HIV and permanently damages the muscles around the anus.

‘When should we start educating on consent?’ – In this thread a ‘Participant’ (that is a member of the public) suggests teaching children as young as 10 about sexual intercourse.

‘What’s your favourite sex toy?’ – A participant describes their favourite sex toys and forum moderators continue the conversation with their own favourite sex toys. Why are taxpayers funding this?

‘Say goodbye to anal sex’ – In this thread a participant expresses concern about having anal sex but the forum moderators provide advice on how to ‘safely’ have anal sex. The moderators link to a page on Play Safe that provides further instructions on how to perform anal sex.

‘SEXting’, a participant asks about fellow forum users ‘naughty’ experiences with sexting. Various forum moderators share their stories and encourage the act of sexting. Young women are often exploited by manipulative partners after the sharing of sexual images. This is currently considered to be child pornography for those under the age of 18. Why is NSW Health promoting positive discussion of sexting when there are numerous campaigns, academic and Parliamentary resources that warn of this practice?

There is also a Question & Answer webform administered by a ‘Nurse Nettie’ that claims to be a ‘real, qualified sexual health nurse based in Sydney’. My researchers have contacted this hotline and found that this person is actually the NSW Health Statewide Sexual Health Hotline. This alias replied to a forum user concerned about anal sex and says:

“Anal sex is not new & it’s an important part of millions of people’s sex life. It’s normal & healthy for those who enjoy it. If it’s not for you, that’s normal & healthy too. We all get to decide what kind of sex is right for us”

Does the NSW Health Minister concur with this medical advice? Who is ‘Nurse Nettie’?

The safety of young Australians is of key importance to the Christian Democratic Party. This website is hardly educational and is very similar to the controversial ‘Safe Schools’ program (which was terminated after public outcry). ‘Safe Schools’ was child abuse disguised as an ‘anti bullying’ programme, ‘Play Safe’ is child grooming disguised as a ‘sexual health’ website.  

I have asked a Question on Notice to the NSW Health Minister asking for an explanation of this dangerous material and for the website to be taken down immediately. That Question is below:

Nile, Fred to the Minister for Mental Health, Regional Youth and Women representing the Minister for Health and Medical Research

(1) I refer the Minister to the NSW Health Website entitled 'Play Safe'- This website provides advice on Covid-19 safe sex, mutual masturbation and sex toy cleaning advice. Additionally, there is a public forum with  such topics as 'what is your favourite sex toy' and 'flavoured condoms yay or nay'. A government moderator on this forum also provides advice on how to perform anal sex:

 (a) Is the Minister aware of this website?

 (b) How much has this website cost the New South Wales taxpayer?

 (c) Who approved this website?

 (d) What provisions has NSW Health taken to prevent minors from accessing this material?

 (e) Will the Minister remove this website as a matter of urgency?

 (f) What safety provisions are in place to prevent paedophiles from accessing this forum designed for young Australians?

I am urging all our members and supporters to sign and share our petition on this matter. The Play Safe website must be taken down immediately and those responsible for its creation and maintenance sacked. 

Petition - Remove 'Play Safe' NOW!'

Yours faithfully,

Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC