Operation Enduring Legacy
Biden thinks the exit from Afghanistan couldn't have been handled any better.


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I thought they just said they were 'speechless'. They broke that duck rather quick.


RASSMUSSEN poll favours Republicans and so may not be so visible. Although they got last two Presidential elections spot on. They only poll that did.

And it says TRUMP would beat BIDEN in an election if held today. Also, it reveals that trying to blame TRUMP for Afghanistan Taliban debacle is not working. Anger is at BIDEN because he is the Commander-in-Chief. He owns what is happening under his watch.


ME-GAIN and HARRY HEWITT are now running to People again in US, saying the Queen and UK Monarchy 'lack accountability'. Morons.



My interest factor in this sorry pair? Below zero.


Michael, I never gave a thought to Meghan when she became engaged to Harry and I thought good for them. However, I don't think that about them anymore. There is something very wrong with Meghan and whilst Harry is a grown man, he acts like a petulant child and Meghan nourishes that child. Why on earth do they think that they are important enough for us to constantly want to hear their opinion? Something is very wrong and time will tell because I think that this marriage will end with Harry being completely alone and without anyone, although I hope that his family will welcome him back. I hope I am wrong about their marriage but let us wait and see. Harry has been played by one of the best scammers of all time. She would buy and sell him and he wouldn't even beware that the transaction had taken place.


Who friggin cares!!


These people have no shame.


August 30 2021? Shape shifter from the future. :-)


Confused angry old man.

EXCLUSIVE: Pressed on whether the U.S.'s exit from Afghanistan could have been handled better, Pres. Biden tells @GStephanopoulos, "The idea that somehow, there's a way to have gotten out without chaos ensuing—I don't know how that happens."



This woke couple of twits bore me to tears.

Up The Workers!

Oh No!
Not Publicity!
We are victims.
We need millions in compensation!
Quick - Get Oprah - we need to tell our story!


So hundreds of thousands or more of people live in very realistic fear of being dragged from their homes and murdered in Kabul at the moment, but some pale skinned twat and her ranga soy cuck have learned something in the last two years.

Well done.

Keep those First World Problems coming.


Attention seeking disgusting pair. It is all about them and wanting to be the number one
face of the Royal Family. Time for her Majesty to take all Titles as these pair just make
a joke of the Royal Family and if they cannot be at the top noone will.


OT For keeping up with research.This on Covid breakthroughs



What have the pair learned? I’ll hazard a guess.
Bitching, backstabbing, & selling out the family on Oprah to extort more money from the firm doesn’t make Gran & dad open their wallets.

Bob Hay

Emerging into the sunlight after so much deprivation they'll be suffering from extreme Vitamin D3 deficiency.

Geoffrey of Perth

With the Taliban overrunning Kabul and the subjugation of the Afghan people, the Delta strain running rampant worldwide, a US President that is incapable (and probably incontinent) and other major issues in the world and the US are subjected to crap about these two narcissistic whinging fatuous self serving cretins. Why don't they get a life

Michelle Two

Good morning xx Still that heavy/void like energy within soul this morning .. soul must be working hard as I slept like a log but still feel drained while I get about my day.. just about to head down to work after my cuppa..

Hold onto the vision of the future you wish to create in love, peace and come into alignment.. I just heard a quote on my car radio "You never know what is around the next corner" so hold the line and keep looking for the signs and uplift soul and call for that cellular healing and let all fears go.. call for the protection of the union of soul and let go of what is no longer serving soul.. or call for it to be removed from your psyche tune into higher consciousness (subconscious soul directly giving instructions) then wait for further guidance and trust in your intuition and come online with the new frequencies soul is downloading as we shift through the timelines and call for all dark force souls to be outed and removed from the planet, it may take time so be patient.. clear the pathway forward ..

"It's time to release negativity" and "Don't let pride get in your way" are the messages just now so release others energy as well .. you know what to do let go of all self worth issues and stay calm and find your inner peace, remove or let go of all souls that are trying to pull you down .. you can do this esoterically by cutting energy attachment cords .. so focus on where soul is going and not where soul has been and with intention open the new lightcodes and watch for more signs.. and lift soul out of this void energy.. there feels to be a wall up it might be one of fear where old memories are trying to surface.. so let the energy flow through and if you are having any side affects from vaccine call for that healing energy it may be making you lethargic .. so let soul rest if tired and get to work esoterically while sleeping making sure you call in the light council before resting and falling asleep at nights to help you clear any toxic energy within soul and do the deep soul healing ...love and light xx
Better get my arse down to work now so remember to smile and dance through the challenges that are upon us.. love always xx

seeker of truth

These two publicity hungry pair must be hating it that the fall of Afghanistan is taking their money making venture off the front page and them out of the lime light. Don't they know that there is a time when world events are more important than their own money making enterprise. I wish they would melt into the background for a while and devote their time to raising two very young children all by themselves without nannies and housekeepers and other staff. Their children deserve this, else Harry is making the same mistakes that he said his father made because his Royal duties were more important than his boys.

If those two think they are going to change the world, they have rocks in their head.


I thought they wanted privacy.

Liz of Vic


Ever since this pair got married I have expected tears.

The tears will be for Harry I would think, she is a menace!

Actually I read somewhere, that she is aiming for the presidency of the USA.

After Biden, this would not be surprising! It won't be long and we will see Kamala first! Then......Megan?


Interest factor......zero...

That woman could walk past me in the bollocky and I'd still rather watch my grass grow!!

......well........maybe just a quick peek!!

Michelle Two



Have no fears. Americans will never accept this untrustworthy liar and cheat. How many men in her wake? When she has extracted what she can like the black widow or Red back she will suck the life from her mate and then spit him out and onto the next sucker. Also she is friends with Alex Soros I read, not sure but would not surprise me.

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