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New ABC Social Media rules designed to stop Louise Milligan making more of an idiot of herself.

Womansplainer and serial man hater Louise Milligan cost taxpayers more than most people earn in a year because she falsely mouthed off on Twitter and defamed a politician. 

Of course the ABC payed all the legals and settlement. It cost Louise nothing. 
For some reason, Brave Louise is a protected species at the ABC. 
That’s despite being error prone … and the champion of one of the greatest injustices in legal history - the conviction and imprisonment of George Pell and the entire case being thrown out on High Court appeal 7 nil.
The ABC today sent staff 4 pages of guidelines for using Twitter. 
I’ll save you reading the bureaucratic bullshit. In summary, stop showing your left wing bias and use commonsense. 
Sadly both are lacking at the ABC.