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Calamity Joe's Democrats called him a 'Deplorable'. Now they pretend to mourn him. Lest We Forget.

From former chief RAN Gun-Buster Garry Goldsworthy;

This is the son of the mum on radio calling Biden dementia ridden piece of crap who’s a treasonous man who got into office because he was running out of funds for his family.

I get sick of hearing the media using their deaths as click bait reporting 'Thoughts and Prayers'.

Most of them wouldn't know the difference between an altar and a bar.

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Rylee McCollum, a 20-year-old U.S. Marine killed during the Kabul evacuation, was all liberal talking heads tell us to fear. Yet now the same media who call men like him toxic, disgraceful, and stupid mourn his death. But we don’t forget.

The young man who was a baby on 9/11 exemplified courage, gratitude, and devotion to family.

The Wyoming native planned to see his baby’s face for the first time by the end of September, but it all changed when his life and the lives of 12 other Americans were taken by an ISIS-K suicide bomber.

This alone should be enough to inspire young men like myself who are frequently told that this country is not worth the sacrifice. Young men who are disincentivized from seeking a greater purpose than ourselves. Young men who would’ve been called crazy if we decided to follow his path.

But there’s more. Rylee McCollum’s love for this country propelled him from day one; his patriotism gave him purpose. In a report published by Jackson Hole News&Guide, his sister Roice McCollum states that her brother signed up to join the military the day he turned 18.

McCollum’s other sister, Cheyenne McCollum, added that “[h]e wanted to be a Marine his whole life and carried around his rifle in his diapers and cowboy boots. He was determined to be in the infantry and this was his first deployment.”

Additionally, in the same report, Roice McCollum noted that her brother wanted to be a wrestling coach and help change other kids’ lives like his coaches changed his own.

“To his friends and teammates and coaches, he was family. Rylee will always be a hero not just for the ultimate sacrifice he made for our country but for the way he impacted every life around him for the better.”

Another one of his sisters, Chi McCollum, also shared her heart-shattering grief with America. In a Facebook post, she said that her brother was “[her] hero, our hero, an American . . .  hero.”

As I continued to search for more information about a man of my same age, I wandered across dozens of media sites that appeared to share my admiration. But as I kept scrolling through the browser, I only realized that much of that love was situational, and to be honest, that made angry. Especially when I found out that he was a vocal conservative student.

In 2017, when Rylee was a junior in high school, Jackson Hole News&Guide’s Kylie Mohr wrote a story about political pervasiveness in his school: Jackson Hole High School. It discussed how an English teacher included “shooting at Trump” as one of the answers in a multiple choice test about George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

In the report, a conservative indignant parent who was shown a screenshot of the test by his son wrote that “[i]t was so inappropriate to show a name of a sitting president in that question. To me, that is so wrong in light of the situation in our country and the divisiveness and all.” That parent was Rylee’s father: Jim McCollum.

Jim McCollum told Jackson Hole News&Guide that Rylee told him, “Dad, they crapped on everything I believe in.” He added that the situation left Rylee feeling like an “outcast.”

“Rylee is very patriotic, very supportive of our military and of our country,” Jim McCollum said.

As I read that story, I could only think of Rylee as not just a hero, but as one of my conservative friends. Like him, thousands of young student have felt unwelcome in public schools across the country that spend more time expressing how much the United States sucks than promoting cohesion and patriotism.

This only confirms that Rylee’s story is one of endurance, love, and determination. Today, as we mourn the death of some of the most honorable Americans, it is important to remember what inspired them. And I have no doubts that what inspired this man was something that most of my college professors and liberal TV hosts misunderstand and condemn.

Rylee McCollum would have been called a nasty deplorable by many of those who now share their grief. But even before he served, he was always a patriot who felt that this nation’s principles were not just worth preserving, but worth dying for. They call this irrational, but we call it admirable.

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Contempt from Court. Victoria's Supreme Court shows shocking prejudice towards Special Forces soldiers.


Reader Mick had much the same query as me about this story:

Screen Shot 2021-08-30 at 11.39.28 am

I had the same thought when I couldn't find the story online, so I went back to the person who sent it to me before I published it.

Here's our exchange from earlier today:

Screen Shot 2021-08-30 at 11.39.28 am

Perhaps if one of our readers in Victoria could confirm it from the Herald Sun print edition - I'd be most grateful.

UPDATE from our great mate Lucas Moon.

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Keep Two Squadron SASR flag flying. Who Dares Wins.

BOYCOTT 2 SQN SASR “Flag Folding” Ceremony

SOCOMD (Special Operations Command) is canvassing the Veteran Community to attend as flag bearers to a 2 SQN SASR “Flag Folding” ceremony, this week at Campbell Barracks, Swanbourne. We see this request as a slap in the face to all those who created 57 years of impeccable service history.
The idea of a “Flag Folding” ceremony is insensitive and also an insult to many 2 SQN SASR families, and those 13 SASR members who were victimised and have since been exonerated from the flawed Brereton Inquiry.
Fly a 2 SQN SASR flag on your social media/other pages this week, as a sign of solidarity.
Together we want to send a strong message to the Minister of Defence, Peter Dutton, in seeking his support to reverse the decision that led our Prime Minister to act on flawed advice that has left such a stain on the legacy of the SASR.
Reinstate 2 SQN SASR and fly the flag with pride in order to restore the reputation of all those who served. They did so with dignity and honour. We recognise the sacrifices too of the 2 SQN SASR families. We thank you all for your service!
Write to Minister Dutton.
Email: Defence Minister:
Chief of Army:
WOI (Retd) Kerry Danes (ex-2Sqn)
Dr Kay Danes OAM


Calamity Joe tooling up the Taliban to the tune of $83 BILLION

Donated to The Taliban, courtesy US taxpayers and The Biden Catastrophe.

This table comes from The Times.


The information in the table above generally corresponds with these US Government publications uncovered through various FOI and other mechanisms by Adam Andrzejewski (say: And-G-F-ski), the CEO/Founder of

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Https _specials-images.forbesimg.com_imageserve_6123a7536d129bcc992e80f8_GAO---Vehicles-by-Type-Into-Afghanistan_960x0.jpg?fit=scale
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Reader VK2FJW on his family's role in Z Special Force - and his recent tragic loss. Lest We Forget.


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( Men of the Motor Launch 1321 and Z Force commandos before the raid on Muschu Island - )

Our story earlier on about Special Forces soldiers has triggered this note from one of our family, reader VK2FJW who writes:

My uncle whom I was named after, was one of those brave Australians that paid the ultimate sacrifice to allow others that came after him, to pay taxes, so that the scum of the Australian society that call themselves Journalists at the ABC, have the opportunity to denigrate anyone they choose to.

Even though I never got to meet my late Uncle Malcolm the family resemblance lives on through my family.

Screen Shot 2021-08-30 at 7.37.14 am

Vale Uncle Malcolm

I'm also saddened to announce that VK2FJW is dealing with much more recent tragedy:

R.I.P. my lovely Thai wife of 11 years.

04/12/1964 - 29/08/2021

Taken way to early by Bile Duct cancer.

This my tribute song to her of what is happening to me now.

Lest We Forget.

Here's a post-operation report on the raid on Muschu Island.

Bravery that's unimaginable to our ABC arseholes.

The Investigation into the Loss of 7 Men from Operation Copper
The following report is the result of an investigation conducted by Major R.A.C.Cardew, Services Reconnaissance Department into the loss of seven men during Z Special, Operation Copper, April 11-20, 1945. The report has been copied verbatim, with corrections to spelling only. Note in this report Major Cardew refers to an area he calls Cape Sabar. It is believed that this is either an accidental misinterpretation of the name Cape Sarabar as marked on the operational map (Cape Sarabar, Special Map compiled by the US Army Corps of Engineers) or a localised abbreviation. The original document source is the Australian War Memorial Archives.


REPORT by Major R.A.C. Cardew

10 Oct 45.

To: C.S.

From: Major R.A.C. Cardew


The following personnel were members of an S.R.D. party from Group “C” who were inserted into MUSCHU Island, T.N.G., on the night 11/12 Apr 45:-









I was instructed by C.O. “Z” Special Unit to proceed to H.Q. 6 Aust. Div. to make investigations in an effort to trace the seven missing personnel of this party (Spr DENNIS was the only member of the party to return safely to our lines). I arrived at WEWAK, the location of 6 Aust. Div. on 13 Sept 45. There I contacted the GO.O.C. G1 of 6 Aust Div., O.C. ANGAU Det., WEWAK, and O.C. A.I.B. Det., WEWAK. All the above officers advised me that investigations and interrogations of the enemy had been carried out in an attempt to locate the whereabouts of the missing personnel, but that no trace could be found.

About five days prior to my arrival all the natives of MUSCHU Island had been withdrawn to the mainland in the vicinity of the HAWAIN River. This was done as it was intended that the whole of MUSCHU Island would be used as a P.W. Camp for the enemy.

On 14 Sep 45, I obtained permission from all concerned to proceed to HAWAIN River to personally interrogate the abovementioned natives. These natives had been very pro-Japanese and, as a result, were not inclined to make any information available on any matter in the fear that they would be implicated as War Criminals with the Japanese in any atrocities committed in the area. However, by using subterfuge methods I was able to obtain the following information:


  • That a party of unknown numbers had landed on the Eastern tip of MUSCHU Island (Cape SABAR) about the middle of April, 1945.
  • Three of the party were ambushed and killed by Japanese naval members of the Island garrison, approximately three days later.
  • The name of the native who accompanied the enemy patrol which ambushed these personnel.
  • The name of the native who was fired at by Spr. DENNIS (according to his report).
  • The approximate location of the site of the ambush.
  • The approximate position of the foldboat hideout.
  • The whereabouts of 1 ATR 4A wireless set and 1 Welrod.
  • That the bodies of the three personnel were mutilated by having their legs, arms and heads cut off by enemy troops after the personnel had been shot (this latter information proved incorrect).
  • The natives had no knowledge of the whereabouts of the remaining four missing personnel nor had they seen them or heard of them at any stage of the action.
  • The area in which the operation took place was under enemy Naval control.

On 15 Sep 45, accompanied by the native who was with the enemy patrol during the action, a MANUS native who had heard of the operation, and an interpreter in Japanese, I proceeded to Cape SABAR on MUSCHU Island and there located:-

The foldboat hide-out.

  • The position at which two of the party were ambushed and killed while endeavouring to work their W/T set.
  • The water-hole mentioned in Spr. DENNIS’ report where the remains of the third body were found.

In reference to (i) above, odd pieces of doweling were found in the area of the foldboat hide-out.

In reference to (ii) above, pieces of human skeletons and clothing were found in the area of the ambush.

In reference to (iii) above, again pieces of human skeleton were found.

All remains were collected to take back to the 7 Aust. War Graves Unit at WEWAK.

Later that day in making a reconnaissance of the Island, I ran into a Japanese Naval patrol and questioned them on their knowledge of the shooting of the three personnel. They told me that a Capt. TOMEI, the Japanese Naval officer who was in command of that area, had full knowledge of the matter and would answer my questions necessary. I proceeded to the Western tip of the Island to MARCHESA Bay where Capt. TOMEI was located and interrogated him. He said that he was not in a position to answer my questions, but that the naval Commander of the Island, a Capt. TEMURA, would be in a position to give the full information required.

I then proceeded to Capt. TEMURA’s H.Q., which were three miles distant, and interrogated him. He advised that he had only taken over command of the Island on the day of the landing of our party and therefore was not fully in the picture in the matter but that Capt. TOMEI would answer all questions. I immediately put Capt. TEMURA under arrest and returned to MARCHESA Bay to put Capt. TOMEI under arrest but found that he had, in the meantime, returned to the Eastern tip of the Island. Owing to sea transport difficulties I was not able to contact Capt. TOMEI until the following day, whereupon I interrogated both Capt. TOMEI and Capt. TEMURA together, the outcome being that Capt. TEMURA instructed Capt. TOMEI to give all the information required and to facilitate in the recovering of the bodies. From this interrogation the following information was received:-

  • The party had landed on the night 11/12 Apr 45 at Cape SABAR.
  • The enemy had suffered as casualties from action by our party six killed and two wounded and one, possibly two, MGs destroyed (owing to the length of time between the landing of the party and the time of interrogations, Capt. TOMEI could not remember the exact details of the MGs).
  • A Japanese patrol found one dead Japanese soldier on the beach at Cape. WARBU. This patrol then proceeded immediately eastwards along the beach and located the folboats, by which time they realized an enemy party had landed and the alarm was given. An ambush was arranged over the folboats; patrols were dispatched to various parts of the Island, and a general search was made.
  • Approximately two days later two of our personnel were surprised by an enemy party while trying to make communication with their W/T Set. The two personnel were shot dead at a range of approximately 30 yards. One of them had in his possession a Welrod.
  • The following day another of our personnel was found dead at the wate-hole mentioned by Spr. DENNIS’ report, having apparently died of wound which had occurred in a clash with the party the day before. The bodies were not searched and were left lying where they fell for one month. The remains were then collected and buried in a common grave North of Cape. SABAR. Capt. TOMEI could given no reason as to why the bodies were not buried immediately.
  • While the bodies were left on the ground part of one of them was blown to pieces during a bombing raid.
  • The wireless set and Welrod were brought to Capt. TOMEI’s H.Q. and then they passed them on to Capt. TEMURA’s H.Q.
  • Capt. TOMEI stated that the personnel were not searched or mutilated in any way after death.

On completion of the interrogation Capt. TOMEI led me to the common grave of the three personnel. There I observed the nearly complete skeletons of three personnel one of the skulls having a bullet wound above the left ear. Also from this grave was dug up one serviceable oil bath prismatic compass and odd pieces of equipment and clothing. The grave was clean, well laid out and marked with three head-stones. The bones, on my examination, did not appear to have been fractured in any ways as had been stated by the natives.

Neither Capt. TEMURA nor Capt. TOMEI had any knowledge at all of Lt. BARNES, Lt. GUBBAY, L/Cpl. WALKLATE, Pte EAGELTON or Spr. DENNIS. However, they estimated that, owing to the extent of operations of the party, approximately 16 – 20 personnel had been landed. They did not know that Spr. DENNIS had escaped and were quite surprised to know that there were still four personnel missing.

The bodies were taken to the WEWAK War Cemeteries (7 Aust.War Graves) where I arranged for a burial service and photographer to take photos of the graves. Unfortunately, I was unable to identify individually the three bodies but from the following information and deductions I presume them to be Sgt. WEBER, Sig, CHANDLER and Sig. HAGGER:


  • Spr. DENNIS stated that four personnel had set out on individual logs to contact HDML 1321, i.e. Lt. BARNES, Lt. GUBBAY, L/Cpl. WALKLATE, Pte EAGELTON.
  • The three personnel remaining with him were Sgt. WEBER, Sig, CHANDLER and Sig. HAGGER.
  • Spr. DENNIS stated in his opinion that these three personnel had been killed by the enemy in the action and position described in his report which was, as far as possible, confirmed by Capt. TEMURA and Capt. TOMEI.
  • It is most probable that the two personnel working the W/T set were the two signalers.
  • The four personnel who set out on logs would not have landed at their point of embarkation owing to the strong currents prevailing in that area.

7. Aust.War Graves are making a full investigation into the matter of identification of the bodies and they hope to obtain satisfactory results.

Owing to the lack of sea transport for the next two days I was held up at WEWAK. On the following day I proceeded to WALLIS Islands, West of MUSCHU Island, where I interrogated the native chiefs and other members of the Island, but they had no knowledge whatever of the operation not of any of the personnel concerned. This is quite understandable as these natives wee not friendly disposed towards the MUSCHU natives nor the enemy and would make as little contact with MUSCHU as possible.

The following three days I spent in making a search and contact of natives on KAIRIYU Island just North of MUSCHU. These natives had knowledge of the three personnel all being killed on MUSCHU but were completely unaware of the existence of any further personnel. Throughout all the interrogations of the natives I am convinced, from my own personal knowledge of their nature, that they spoke the truth in all but a few minor details, in fact, eventually, they had a tendency to exaggerate in certain matters in their endeavour to help. I am also convinced that no atrocities were committed against our party by the enemy and that the information that they eventually gave me was true, to the best of their knowledge. In fact, once they realized that they would not be marked as war criminals, they were eager to give all the information in their power. (see additional information. Author, January 2007.)

As regards the four missing personnel, the only conclusion I can come to is that they lost their lives by drowning at sea. It is to be remembered that they set out separately on logs approximately 2000hrs at night in waters with very strong currents –up to 2 ½ to 3 knots – and that by daylight they were probably washed well off the coast and either succumbed through exhaustion or were drowned or taken by sharks.

Prior to my closing up of Group “C” in Jun 45, I had personally searched VOKEO and VALIF Islands, lying to the North-East of MUSCHU, and there were no signs of them having landed there. Therefore I did not consider it necessary to make a further search of these Islands.

(Signed). R.A.C. CARDEW.


Aussie digger writes to ABC smear-merchant Mark Willacy - it's OK for soldiers to take their shirts off



Mark Willacy

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) senior reporter



Thank you for ratcheting up Army (and our Special Forces) recruitment efforts today with your article about soldiers having fun, drinking with friends (some getting drunk), interpreting a family board game (Twister) and improvising with weapons.

Despite your best efforts to discredit our soldiers and their commanders….none of these frivolous activities warrant further scrutiny…and least not by you.

Thankfully, SAS and Commando Regiment 2022 selection course candidate numbers received a booster shot today - for anyone of military age and spirit that has read or seen (from your accompanying video footage) that the Army still offers a glimpse of camaraderie, low-level adult entertainment, partial nudity and a bit of alcohol.

For others, this might attract a few good men and women that will spend significant parts of their working life at the pointiest end on the two-way firing range.

Could you please give our special forces soldiers a break!

To be fair Mark,you’ve had a pretty good run…writing about your Army and Australia’s operations in Afghanistan. I don’t want to embarrass you but you’ve presumably been dining out at our (the Australian taxpayer) expense for more than a decade. And what’s worse….you’ve probably claimed more in travel expenses from our taxpayers than our special forces soldiers received in field allowance.

It leaves a sour taste Mark, but I remain optimistic.

Your article made soldiering look fun again. After years of you and our taxpayer-funded National broadcaster giving airtime to the dubious accusations of Afghan villagers, it was a nice to see footage of our soldiers socialising together in a relatively safe and private environment. (I note that nude twister has inherent risk involved).

For that, I’m grateful.

Yours sincerely

Aussie Digger

PS. Mark, I’m not sure why the “Z-Force” image caught the eye of your editorial team?

Was it the historical link to Z-Special Force? …the WW2 unit Special Forces unit that conducted more than 80 covert operations in the South West Pacific theatre. I’ve attached a photo from Z-Force. As you’ll see, it’s okay to take shirts off, get a photo with your mates and not have it turned into a media investigation.

I’m sure that you’d love to hear that our SF operators are now finishing their missions with kale and washing it down with warm kombucha, hot yoga and another bout of diversity training.

An aspirational end-state for ABC luvvies like you.