Climate vandals graffiti The Lodge - end up in handcuffs
ABC feral breaks the new social media code to defend Parliament House vandals.


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Red rooster

And more piss


The carrying bags those mines came in, makes a damnfine manbag...


That's pretty good. I've also seen that as a towball cover.

Michelle Two

You heard it straight from the horses can't legislate "stupidity from those that are entitled" yet they lead us down a dark path and never see the reflection in the mirror..they have no self awareness that they are not our parent, guardian or health advisor.
Yet there they are creating propaganda and fear porn everyday and get well paid for and light xx

On another note keep in contact with others nothing is as bad as it seems, just because they hide truth doesn’t mean nothing is happening, or it doesn't exist.
Do whatever lifts your spirit the new energy is just begining..


The closing line on that vid could cover a LOT of PPE.

PPE are not the solution to risk reduction.

They are the measure you put in place if you cannot reduce the risk by any other measure. In this situation if the question is 'How do you protect yourself from Claymore blast' the first answer should be 'remove the Claymore'.

Remember, PPE is the risk reduction put in place when all other risk reduction measures have failed to remove the risk.

How professional safety works kids.

tango foxtrot

it should have been a little bear will fix it!

Ned of Kellyville

No wonder they stopped cracker night.

Ol Ted

2 Michelle Two,

(As you say) You cant legislate "stupidity from those that are entitled" Judas & The Baby-Slicer included ! But remember that Labor/Greens/& Co can do even far more damage given half a chance. ("wanna give them another go") ?

People should remember that a lot of rather stupid & naïve & some what stupid Voters allow in these "Type" of imbecilic Politicians!

In Australia "We" now have a Dirty "Swamp", The whole place is inhabited by a "Swamp" with rotten People who wallow in corruption & dirty money & much else
& who are only too happy to encourage this farce.


My friend Len Usher was a sergeant in 2RAR. He was demonstrating a claymore mine when it went off and he lost both legs below the knees.This was at Enogerra Barracks. Somehow a live one had been provided instead of a training one.

Michelle Two

In the spiritual battle at hand the totalitarian mobsters fear love an dc human contact most of all keep ascending the energy pathway and clear it of all internal shadows while soul remembers why it came here..
Be the calm in the storm, because you are the storm in your most powerful state of being, not doing but being at one and in alignment with your soul and light xx


Here ya go MS

Michelle Two

I was born ready were you??? keep soldiering on.. love and light xx

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