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The Government owes the SASR an apology.

The Daily Mail reports, SAS soldiers named in Afghanistan war crimes inquiry can keep their jobs.

One of them has even been sent to Afghanistan to rescue diplomats.

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Special forces soldiers who faced the sack following the Brereton inquiry into alleged war crimes in Afghanistan have been told they can stay in their jobs. 

Thirteen soldiers from the Special Air Service Regiment were sent show cause notices late last year asking why they should not have their employment terminated. 

The notices were based solely on supposedly 'credible information' of war crimes contained within the multi-million dollar Brereton report. 

All the soldiers were long-serving SAS members - some of them decorated for bravery - and the unproven allegations against them included taking part in unlawful killings. 

In another backdown on the response to the Brereton inquiry, those soldiers still in the regiment threatened with termination have now been told no further action will be taken against them. 

The move means soldiers recently considered potentially unsuitable for the Australian Defence Force - and according to the Brereton report, possible war criminals - are once again recognised as fit to serve their country. 

One of those whose termination was withdrawn is understood to have been deployed this week to help evacuate Australians from Kabul as it falls to the Taliban.