General Milley's 14 July statement on the 'safe and synchronized retrograde' from Afghanistan
Biden's plans for the day after Kabul falls? Not much.

Verified list of (mainly) US military equipment captured or destroyed by Taliban since June 2021

Yesterday we published this story about a Blackhawk helicopter the US left in Afghanistan - now in the hands of the Taliban.

Biden's generous donation of military equipment to the Taliban soon to be put to evil use


On face value, the story is incredible, as in difficult to believe.

What competent military force would leave equipment like that for the enemy?

Reader Cheers probably spoke for many of us with this comment:

Screen Shot 2021-08-16 at 11.48.48 am

So I started asking questions within my circle of military mates.

And I've been shocked by the answers.

My enquiries led to this website - - run by Stijn Mitzer and Joost Oliemans.

Starting in June this year, Mitzer and Oliemans have meticulously catalogued every significant piece of military equipment that's been seized or destroyed by the Taliban.

That's just 10 weeks.

Here's part of their report - in full here.

Screen Shot 2021-08-16 at 12.04.04 pm

Similar to its withdrawal from Iraq in 2011, the U.S. leaves behind a broken military apparatus that despite the investment of tens of billions of dollars is ill-prepared to face the tasks assigned to it. The immense amount of equipment provided to Afghan security forces over the past two decades is hard to overstate, numbering some 25.000 HMMWVs 'Humvees' alone. 

The haphazardness with which the U.S. is leaving Afghanistan is further illustrated by a lack of any agreement on who will run Kabul International Airport (IAP), with Afghan security forces currently not up to the task of doing so themselves. Securing Kabul IAP and its immediate surroundings is vital to maintain flight operations in and out of the country, with diplomatic missions and development organisations otherwise shunning the embattled country.

A detailed list of destroyed and captured equipment of the Afghan National Army and National Police since June 2021 can be seen below. This list is constantly updated as additional footage becomes available. 
The list only includes destroyed and captured vehicles and equipment of which photographic or videographic evidence is available. Most Taliban fighters do not have high-end cell phones, and its propaganda department does not publish photo or video reports on equipment captures. Therefore, the amount of equipment destroyed is undoubtedly higher than recorded here.
And here's the list - click on the links for photographic evidence.
Like I said - it's shocking.

Tanks (12, of which captured: 12)


Armoured fighting vehicles (60, of which destroyed: 9, captured: 51)


Artillery and Mortars (61, of which captured: 61)


Anti-aircraft guns (8, of which captured: 8)


Aircraft and Helicopters (23, of which destroyed: 7, captured: 16)


Unmanned Aerial vehicles (7, of which destroyed: 1, captured: 6)


Trucks, Vehicles and Jeeps (2086, of which destroyed: 106, captured: 1980)