Peak LGBTQI weirdo, so far.
Good on you Senator Rex Patrick - should be more of it.

Why does Karl Stefanovic and no-cred Channel 9 keep using a pretend Professor as its disease expert?


The Today Show’s so called “Professor” Bill Bowtell is not a professor at all. 
He doesn’t even have medical qualifications. 
Bill is a political operative for the Labor Party - a consultant and lobbyist. 
His only academic credential appears to be a Political Science degree. 
His Professorship is actually an honorary Adjunct. 
Bowtell is entitled to his views, which mostly summed us as “Morrison has screwed this up” and “only Labor States are getting this right”. 
Still begs the question - why is he regularly on The Today Show as a pandemic expert? 
Why does Karl insist on calling him Professor?