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Why isn't a woman being burnt alive on an English street a huge news story?

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The family of a woman who died after being found on fire in the street have said they will miss her "every moment of every day."

Sarah Hussein, 31, was severely injured from burns when she was found ablaze on East Street, Bury, at about 19:30 BST on 31 July and died later in hospital.

Locals had run to help her and wrapped her in a wet duvet.

Three men, aged 24, 26 and 34, who were arrested have been bailed pending further inquiries, police said.


A tribute from Ms Hussein's family, who live in Pakistan, said: "Sarah was the person in the family that everyone turned to for help and support both financially and emotionally.

"She was a very nice, kind, polite person who worked hard every day to support us all."

They said they were "devastated" and "feel helpless being so far away".

"We will all miss Sarah every moment of every day."

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) said detectives were not looking for anyone else in connection with Ms Hussein's death and the investigation continued.

UPDATE - thanks to Underminder for the tip

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