Hey ABC, so does Louise Nil-Again - why don't you campaign against her?
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ABC lifer Quentin Dempster’s solution for the economy: organise a summit.

Sydney and Melbourne are effectively closed. 
Economic activity and productivity is through the floor because of government decisions. 
People are still locked in their homes and being controlled by police state health rules. 
But fear not - ABC lifer on generous ABC superannuation Quentin Dempster has the solution:
Get government to do more.
Organise a summit. 

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NO - the opposite would make sense. 
Government should get the hell out of people’s lives. Let business reopen, let life roll on. 
A summit is code for get the unions in, tax hell out of people who are doing well, enhance welfare and borrow heaps of cash for stupid public service initiatives. 
Remember Rudd Gillard Rudd’s pink bats, ‘Building the Education Revolution’ rorts, free solar panels, cash for clunkers etc - they all came from summit-thinking
Spot the socialist. It’s the one who thinks government can fix everything. 
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