Raw footage from a US Marine of The Biden Catastrophe unfolding in Kabul
Living will be difficult, normal life impossible for the unvaccinated in Victoria


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Maybe these people know the numbers disclosed are mostly the common cold(positive tests), flu(hospitalization) or pneumonia(intensive care and death).

Up The Workers!

I recognise them.

Aren't they the same crowd who didn't turn up to a single one of Taliban Paedo-Joe and the Chinese Cheating Machines' Election rallies in telephone boxes around the nation?

They were all too busy at Trump's election rallies. Trump got outvoted by Paedo-joe's 80 million or so 4.30 a.m. votes, courtesy of Xi JinPing and the Taliban.


Wow everyone there looks healthy and happy. Did they need a vaccine passport to attend? If not, what are our dear leaders so afraid of? If even one unvaccinated person can infect the vaccinated why do vaccination percentages matter?



It looks great, what College football was all about, I say was because I think this clip is a nice bit of nostalgia, PRE Wu-Flu, there is not one mask anywhere in the whole clip!

Keith Bates

Full stadium, not a single mask. They are all DOOMED!

Keith (no longer) of WA

Nope... that game was this evening and I watched it....crowd is real and part of the culture....

Sad to see the culture in Oz....


Things are quiet with the killer bees, but look out for the mozzies.


Don't forget the Aerogard and avagoodweekend.

Liz of Vic


Even at the football, Dan's edict is 'No Crowds'!


As a gostshagger once said 'what culture'

According to our middle eastern colonists and the perpetually aggrieved Aboriginal racisn industry, we don't have a culture!


You leftists so wish for death and destruction, eh? Just can't stand people ENJOYING life....

Facts are that this is real, and now. AND in a state with only 56% vaxed, and a Democrat (=loony, crazed leftist like Dan) governor.

The whole scam's coming apart at the seems, while all the gullibles who lined up for the vaxes await their fate.....

Imagine someone had been heavily involved with say Asbestos mining or manufacturing when everybody thought it was great stuff to build with years ago, and is now watching all their mates suffering because of it. Now think 2-3 years from now with the toxic vaxes bearing their toxic fruit in the same manner. OH. MY. GOD.

Ned of Kellyville

The real situation is that they probably have had the virus, asymptomatically, and are now immune. The oldies among them probably got the shots.

Ned of Kellyville

Dan fell on his head, but it didn't do any good.

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