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Congrats Seeker of Truth - Cory Bernardi sues the ABC for defamation over Sarah Hanson-Young claim

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You may recall that our genius researcher Seeker of Truth painstakingly found and watched the video record of Senate proceedings from the night of 4 December 2014.

Genius researcher with the video evidence of SHY & ABC's false accusation against Cory Bernardi

It proves Sarah Hanson-Young was not telling the truth when she accused Cory Bernardi of sitting close to her while "whispering nursery rhymes" in her ear.

The ABC, despite their 7 researchers on the program didn't check - it just ran the bullshit claim because it suited them.

Now, thanks in part to Seeker of Truth's outstanding research (I've confirmed that by speaking with Cory himself), Cory's suing the ABC.

Good on him!  He owes Seeker a nice bottle of something very exxy!

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Former Senator and Sky News host Cory Bernardi has launched legal action against the ABC after they aired allegations by Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young – which he vehemently denied – on their popular TV series Ms Represented.

It comes just several days after the ABC issued an apology to Mr Bernardi for failing to give him a “fair opportunity” to respond to the claims made during the program and they conceded they had breached their own editorial standards.

The ABC has been issued with legal documents by Mr Bernardi – a senator from 2006 to 2020 – and he is suing the public broadcaster for $400,000 in damages and ordered they remove the episode from its streaming platform iview as well as all promotional material and pay Mr Bernardi’s legal costs.

During the second episode, which aired on July 20, Senator Hanson-Young told Crabb, about her alleged interactions she claimed she had with Bernardi during a parliamentary sitting on December 4, 2014.

This included the Senator telling Crabb Bernardi came in from a party a few corridors down and “was shouting, making mutterings” and “then as the night went on he got closer and closer to the seat next to me”.

She then claimed Mr Bernardi was, “whispering nursery rhymes, it was creepy”.

Her claims were strongly dismissed by Bernardi and also included that he was inebriated at the time and made statements to her about her personal life.

At no stage did the ABC contact Mr Bernardi before the allegations were aired.

The Project’s co-host Lisa Wilkinson was also among many people praising the series online and posted on July 20, “Bravo @annabelcrabb #MsRepresented is an absolute triumph”.

She went on to write: “The accounts of @SenatorWong @juliahbanks @JuliaGillard @sarahinthesen8 of parliamentary life for women particularly telling.

As was the story about @corybernardi”.

Mr Bernardi told the Australian the ABC’s complaints process wasn’t acceptable, resulting in him launching legal action.

“I tried to use the ABCs complaints process to affect an appropriate outcome but unfortunately the inadequate response left me no option but to redress this matter through the legal system,” he said.

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