America has a president it can't get to function at all


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Alexander Cooney has restored my faith and hope in common decency. What a very brave young man who has a conscience and has acted upon it. I made a comment earlier that Daniel Andrews may now say that all Victorian Police are to have the vaccination. There will be many Alexander Cooney's who will walk because they are decent people who have to live with their conscience. I do not know about the rest of you but it is starting to wear me down. We cannot keep living in this void because we really are not living, we are just breathing and existing. As that brave young man Alexander Cooney stated, this is not about the virus but about control. Well, today I have decided to venture 3 kms outside my 10 kms ring of steel. I hope I do not get in to trouble but I will take my chances. Wish me luck!

Bad Boy Bubby

There have been two viruses. The first one is a medical based virus, we all know about it. The second one is a virus that destroys the fabric of our society. The effects will last for years. No person represents this virus better than the Police Commissioner of NSW. At a time in our history when we have needed compassion and empathy this man through the instrument of the NSW Police Force has systematically declared war on the innocent citizens of this state. You can ditto these comments for Victoria. I am truly at a loss to explain how people with the drive and intellect that it must take to rise to the position of leading major law enforcement organisations like the NSW & Victoria Police Forces can act in such a heartless and vindictive manner that goes to tearing up the community they swear to serve and protect. The most disturbing facet of the last 18 months has been to see how the organisation’s that we all thought would be there to protect us have in fact turned out to be the weapons used against us. I know there are many fine people in these Police Forces which in many ways makes the treachery even worse, for we have been able to see how things that are right and noble can easily be manipulated to turn into something sinister and fearful. I consider myself to be a considered and thoughtful person but I can say in all honesty my belief in the institutions of this country have been rocked to the core over COVID, not the virus, I think we can all work that out, but the way it has been used to knock us down, to separate us, to manipulate us, to coerce us, to ridicule us all has led to the destruction of trust and nothing represents that better than the term “policing by consent”.


What follows is a note from a Victorian Police Officer on 18 Sept 2021. What a champion! We need more police to speak out like this brave soul.

"Letter from a serving member of Victoria Police sent to Tommy Robinson news:-
Name: Craig BACKMAN

Comment: Hi tommy.
I am a current serving member of Victoria Police in Australia. I am embarrassed by my organization’s approach to policing this so called pandemic. Just thought I’d reach out to you and let you know that there are many among us that don’t agree with this approach and are willing to put our careers on the line to speak out against it.

I am one of those and I hope that by me speaking out it may encourage others to do the same.

Following is the body of an email I sent to Victoria Police Management, yesterday, prior to today’s protest in Melbourne.

It may cost me my Career but it’s a small price to pay in the pursuit of liberty and an end to this current dictatorship we are living under.
Keep up the good work.

Hi boss.

Thanks for checking on me today. I really do appreciate your concern for my well-being. It means a lot to me.

Much of what is causing me sleepless nights at the moment is directly related to the impact of self reflection and how I view myself as a person, a husband, father, a Victorian citizen and a Police Officer, and what my future looks like.

I am ready to move forward with my life and career, and plan to return to work on Sunday 26/09 for Night Shift, however I need to express how I feel about what’s going on around us all.

Acting contrary to what I believe is right, is causing conflict in my life that I need to eliminate in order to remain healthy, and so I wish to make my thoughts, and position on current workplace issues known, specifically related to Policing COVID.

They say the definition of insanity is repeating the same actions over and over and expecting a different result. It is my sincere and firmly held belief, based on the available evidence, that these repeated “lockdowns” and vaccine demands are exactly that; insanity, as they clearly do not work to eradicate this virus.

To that end, from the data shown by countries whose vaccination programs are far advanced in quantities administered compared to our own, such as Israel and the UK, it is abundantly clear that these vaccines do not prevent neither infection of or the transmission of COVID-19, nor do they have a significant impact on the reduction of the severity of symptoms.

From the many millions of doses of these experimental vaccines being administered around the world, enough data has been collected to determine their efficacy and safety, which shows clearly, they are neither effective or safe.

This information is freely available and known to all who are willing to seek it and is, in my opinion, a driving catalyst behind the actions by many Victorian citizens who are seeking to protest against the continuing breach of their Human Rights and an end to this “insanity” which is destroying families, livelihoods and the education and mental health of our children.

I have personally suffered the consequences of the Governments’ approach to Policing this “pandemic” which has divided my family, resulting in my 20 year marriage ending, my children’s school results plummeting and their mental and physical health deteriorating due to repeated restrictions on their freedom of participation in community sport and various other after school activities.

To say this situation has had an enormously negative impact on mine and my families’ lives is a massive understatement. I am sure there are literally thousands of stories, similar to my own, scattered throughout the Victorian community.

Furthermore, I find the language used by the Government to demonize its’ citizens and employees who choose to not participate in a medical experiment, for whatever reason, calling this situation “a pandemic of the unvaccinated” to be abhorrent and disgusting, and is extremely divisive, especially considering that the evidence to date indicates the exact opposite of the Premier’s words.
I also believe stating that people (which includes employees of the state government) who choose to not participate in a medical experiment will be “excluded from participating in the economy” to be a coercive threat against its employees and Law abiding Victorian citizens, who are only exercising their legal rights, to be another driving factor in causing the population to protest against these threats, which in turn causes Police members to be placed in unnecessarily dangerous situations.

I am NOT an “anti-vaxxer”. No Member of Victoria Police is. Vaccination against Hep B is a requirement to join, which I happily took as it’s proven over time to be effective and safe. My children and myself are also all vaccinated against the usual suspects (measles, mumps, etc..) again, as all those vaccines have known long-term safety and efficacy data and I was able to make an informed decision whether to take them or not based on a risk v reward calculation.

I joined Victoria Police because I wanted to serve my local community and was expressly driven by the Victoria Police mantra of “uphold the right”. I believe in that mantra with all my heart and have always conducted myself in accordance, to protect the rights of the people in my community to the best of my ability. Unfortunately, I feel now that we as an organization are not living up to that mantra.

Another reason I joined Victoria Police is that I despise “bullies”. I believe the current language and behavior coming from the state government (my employer) to be that of a bully, who is demanding that we members of Victoria Police enforce these “bullying” tactics. This situation is causing me personally, enormous stress, anxiety and internal conflict, as I am being forced to behave in a manner that I despise.

On the 10th of September 2021, I was informed that I was being tasked to attend a citizen rally/protest in Melbourne on the 18th of September 2021. On this day I was asked by another member (who shall remain nameless) of Victoria Police if I was “excited” about attending so I could “crack some skulls”. Again, I found those remarks to be disgusting and further cements my views that some/many in Victoria Police ranks have lost sight of our core function, which is to protect the rights of Victorian citizens. I responded by asking the member “do you really believe that the people of Victoria who just want these restrictions ended so they can go on about their lives deserve to have their skulls cracked”? The member replied “well that’s the fault of all the unvaccinated people, like you”.

In light of my recent completion of the online training course titled “making courageous ethical decisions”, I feel compelled to call out this attitude toward violence against the Victorian public by a representative of Victoria Police as unacceptable and damaging to the reputation of our organization and therefore myself, by association.

Additionally, I find that the belief that somehow, an individual’s own immunity to a disease, could possibly provide protection against that disease to another individual, when immunity does not prevent contracting or spreading that disease, to be completely devoid of basic logic, reasoning and common sense. This is akin to a belief that another person would benefit from my own personal diet and exercise routines, or a person using sunscreen to prevent someone else for getting sunburned. It’s nonsense. Immunity protects the individual person, no-one else.

It is again, my firmly held belief that these protests clearly show that our actions in Policing these “lockdown” measures and draconian CHO recommendations, do not pass the SELF test, as they clearly;
do not pass public scrutiny,
Do not meet my own standards of personal ethics
Are dubious regarding their lawfulness
Are completely and totally unfair and a clear breach of human rights, with respect to freedoms of movement, speech and discrimination.

I have always done my upmost to be a good employee of Victoria Police and always been willing to personally sacrifice to aid the organization in meeting its’ Tasking and Coordination commitments, however I must now draw a line and take a stand by speaking out against our current approach to Policing this situation, which I believe is causing irreparable harm to our relationship with the community and sewing a distrust in Police by the citizens of Victoria that we have all worked so hard to gain. I fear that lost trust will never be regained, certainly not through force, intimidation, coercion and threats.

I therefore, with respect, due to my own conscience, decline to be a part of any activity that I believe breaches the Human Rights of any Victorian citizen who choose to not comply with the current lockdown measures and threats of segregation and discrimination through vaccine mandates by the state government.

I only hope that you can clearly see that my feelings are sincere, genuine and comes from my position of what I believe to be ethically fair and reasonable.

I also hope that others within our organization, who hold similar beliefs to myself, who whisper those beliefs but dare not speak out from fear of retribution, find the courage to also express their discontent regarding this situation.

I understand that there will be some within our organization that view my position negatively, however what others think of me pales in comparison to how I feel about myself and my own conduct. My honor and self respect mean far more to me than anything and I cannot allow myself to blindly follow or carry out unjust orders.

It is my sincere hope that raising this issue does not negatively impact my future with Victoria Police as I fully intend to continue to protect my community with pride, honor, respect and dignity.

Yours sincerely and respectfully,
Senior Constable
(police number and station redacted)
September 18, 2021"



Well said!

Robert B

I was attacked by a psycho drug dealer 10 years ago. I wasn't into drugs. I was set up by leftwing teachers. He gave me a black eye and split lip before I woke up to what was happening. I managed to just throw his head through a wall, only plasterboard and I missed the stud. As with all psychos, that scared him and I could leave after a few choice phrases.

Afterwards, a guilt ridden teacher told me that he has done this often, using his step daughter as a honeypot and the excuse that he was merely protecting her. And usually with his son who ended up convicted of murder (and a suspected hitman).

They claimed that the local police were their friends - more like shareholders in the business. So I reported this to the police at the emergency dept where I was stitched up who made me go to their "friends", who threatened to charge me if I complained.

While everyone else seems surprised by this police behaviour, I'm not. This force has been rotten for a while.


Do you remember what happiness and freedom felt like? The central planners will have you begging for communism before this is done.


Wayne Shaft

Note The Black Clad ROBO COPS 👮‍♂️ In Communist Victoria….Para Military Tactics Being Used …..Australia Is Great Reset Agenda Central …And Victoria Is The EPICENTRE….NOT About A VIRUS 🦠


Unbelievable - a copper with brains! He won't go far!!!

Ol, Ted

(& As many People as possible) !

Know what an incredibly Brave & Decent & Fair-Minded (Former Police) Officer who is Standing Up for The Truth & He is Right!

Please Have a Coffee & take a few minutes to watch what He has to say !

.."Know The Truth & It Will Set you Free".

Destroyer D69

The majority of the population do not want confrontation ,however, I fear that we are approaching this state of affairs..........The most terrifying force of death, comes from the hands of Men who wanted to be left Alone. They try, so very hard, to mind their own business and provide for themselves and those they love. They resist every impulse to fight back, knowing the forced and permanent change of life that will come from it. They know, that the moment they fight back, their lives as they have lived them, are over. The moment the Men who wanted to be left alone are forced to fight back, it is a form of suicide. They are literally killing off who they used to be. Which is why, when forced to take up violence, these Men who wanted to be left alone, fight with unholy vengeance against those who murdered their former lives. They fight with raw hate, and a drive that cannot be fathomed by those who are merely play-acting at politics and terror. TRUE TERROR will arrive at these people's door, and they will cry, scream, and beg for mercy... but it will fall upon the deaf ears of the Men who just wanted to be left alone." - Author Unknown


The people of NSW cannot thank you enough for what you are trying do for them I am afraid to say that unless the serving Police stop this aggression on the people set by our Governments and walk and stand with the people we are doomed. This is all about control to introduce the NWO Government whereby the people are under total control. They must realize that the world their children will grow up in will be the same as China and all other Dictatorship countries. Frogs in a pot slowly cooking.


The News Junkie's cartoons on point as always, this one is just terrifying though. The old guy has no idea where he is.

'Biden seems had no idea what the foreign leaders said as he struggled with his equipment.'


America is being led by a potato.


An excellent assessment.
If anyone else tells me that Amnesia has "saved" Queensland - I'll scream!!!


Thanks for posting this Michael. I’m glad to see Alexander is still working for us. So young too. I hope lots of police choose to stand with him because as Alexander says, if the police help enforce this tyranny they will eventually lose their own freedom as well.


"there is nothing wrong in asking the question"...regarding breaching the law.

Whilst he is correct in his statement, I think there would be repurcussions to anybody who questions this situation. However I would hope that many do.

Where does this end?

Rubber 'bullets' have been used against protestors for the first time in Australia this past week. Will it be live ammo next week? To those who think I am being overly dramatic ask yourself this question...did you ever think that a time would come when rubber bullets would be use against Australian citizens by the police force?
A sizable percentage of the population have lost faith in the politicians and bureaucrats over their handling and treatment of these protests. Their tactics are only going to exacerbate an already volatile situation.


Well done to that fine young man(are we allowed to say that any more??)We need more cops to stand up and uphold the LAW,not the rules of our betters.They only govern if WE consent.


Currently there are no laws in place that an employer can use to force you to have the jab. In any workplace at the moment if 20% of staff are united and strong enough to reject this false mandate it becomes a cost and skill shortfall an employer would seriously think about. A standing of this nature would affect the public sector more so than the private sector.
Alex has made some good points question your superiors and always do it in groups (strength in numbers).

On another point. This agenda is bigger than our levels of Government. There is one well none person in this country working as an agent and commissioned to push all this through. Won’t mention his name but everyone knows him. Not a conspiracy he has had meetings with all state leaders and their chief health officers.


Up The Workers!

A.F.L. Grand Final Day and the M.C.G. is as empty as a politician's skull or a Leftard's promise.

Having been born only a few hundred yards away from the Western Oval, it was worth more than my teeth to barrack for any club other than the Bulldogs when I was a kid and Teddy Whitten ruled the Kennel.

I'm not a superstitious person, but I am bemused by all the comments I see in the papers from Melbourne supporters opining from their Toorak and South Yarra mansions and penthouses that their team should win because it is their "turn", and would "only be fair".

Let's get a few things straight.

Firstly, Grand Finals are not decided on the basis of what is nominally "fair", nor on "whose turn it is". If that was the case, with Melbourne having so far won some 12 previous Premierships and Western Bulldogs only 2, the Bulldogs should be entitled to win the next 10 consecutive Grand Finals, and Melbourne zero, before we are both on a level playing field.

Secondly, despite not being a religious person, even I can see how totally absurd and comically ironic it is for somebody to desperately pray to God to grant success to "The Demons" over their more Righteous opponent, so having established beyond all doubt that God is positively on OUR side of the fence and not that of the opponents, I say "Carn The Dogs!" (and I might even sneak in the odd Hail Mary or an Our Father before the final siren sounds).


I agree with what he says, but there seems to a large proportion of the police who are enjoying "enforcing" their master's will.

Wayne Shaft

Has Everyone Said Their F DAN Andrews…Today ..🙏

One Born Every Minute

Speak Up, and end up like you. Former EX or Stamped "Never To Be Promoted - EVER"

Wayne Shaft

On The Ground ..Boom Straight In With The Knee …Dog ..🤨

Michelle Two

Good morning xx Here is what the police are doing in Sydney and the cops are out on the streets stopping people to check their papers and why they are out..
Interesting interview with real people and the divide that the control freaks of the bureaucracy was hoping would happen, but we are all in the same boat so it isn't just those in this suburb that feel like second class citizen.. wonder why they are targeting certain suburbs .. must be cleaning up the mess underground there.. I wonder if Sydney has an earthquake thinking the other day of the big one in Sydney Wollongong I think, years ago it must have been in the 90's after I lost Phillip..

I will bring in a message from spirit later I need to shift this very heavy energy from soul.. those heavy eyes again the dream I had just before I woke up was terrifying I was coming out of work and the boss wanted to give me a gift, so had to wait for her to for a little bit before she gave it to me.. the gift had a purse or similar looking bag to hold my treasures (she mentioned what it was in the dream so it must mean finances) there was also some plants.. and it was in this tray or gift box so a few other goodies on there as well ..
When I came out of my workplace there were a few young blokes in my VL admiring it and would love to own it, they were sitting in the car and I was being shown the car mats and them sitting inside the vehicle.
They eventually got out and I seen the road before me was full of turns and bends, but when I hoped in my car I couldn't steer or control it, and I was going down that cliff and screaming because there was nothing I could do, the car wouldn't go where I wanted it to..
So a message about letting go and not trying to control what is meant to be, will be and to release the energy because you will be okay as soul goes through this transformation, it also felt like I was going down the cliff backwards..
So one step back in order to go forward, my tower moment may be coming.
I was calling in Archangel Michael for that protection and to lift this low vibration energy from soul. I know what you are reflecting and is on your mind, release it .. love and light xx



I've seen one report that the man they head slammed into the floor in the shopping centre has died from his injuries. Can anyone confirm or refute it? If he has died, will the cop and his mates be held accountable or will he be held up by the media as a reason people shouldn't be allowed any freedoms and they should just obey and enjoy their slavehood.


Haha. PsychoX as separated from his girlfriend.


John Smith

Michael is this the TRUTH??


This is going VIRAL ...

Is this a GAME CHANGER ?


I think he will be getting a knock on the door like the mother that posted on Facebook.

There doing it one at a time and using the media to make the public scared so that they WILL comply.

The Nazis have arisen again within Governments and using their hired guns to do their bidding.

Ever wondered why they disarmed the population.


Go for it Maree, like lots have been doing for ages! Civil disobedience is all that's left in a police State.


Beautifully put BBB. Rocked to the core. So many of us are reeling from the escalation of thuggery, restrictions and division. Yes ditto for Victoria where I am. Horrendous footage of armoured vehicle and rubber bullets flying.


We sure do and I want those involved with beating up on citizens to be held accountable for the assaults they are inflicting on defenseless people.
The threat that they may face retribution after a change of government may cause them to think twice.
I have ask a federal member whether we will be likely to see the army come into Victoria to protect our citizens from our police force.
No answer as yet, must give them some time as I only asked a couple of hours ago.


Hi Ceres, I tried not to look guilty but I got to my destination and back home unscathed ! I was really surprised at how many people seemed to be doing the same thing. Of course I am only surmising now but I think I am close to the mark. Having said that, we cannot go on much longer living the way Daniel Andrews and Co are forcing us to do so.

Up The Workers!

You know what they say:

"A fool and HER money are soon parted."


Hope so.


These pictures dont lie. My favourite is the one where the guy has been shot in the back half a dozen times. This is what some of the cops are doing. The good ones need to take a stand, now. Otherwise they are no better. Wish they were all like the one in the video.

Alledged photos of Aussies injured by police in Melbourne after being struck by rubber bullets.

Not on the Left

If he has in fact died, VicPol and the Victorian government will be working overtime to keep it hushed up.
Perhaps even aided and abetted by the MSM.

Ron O'Lakes

I don't believe the cops would call on him.
There'd be too much kickback if they did.

Geoff L.

I went past Cronulla beach yesterday (Friday morning) and felt like I had just awoken from a bad dream. It was as crowded as any summer public holiday. Swarms of people,no car spaces left, no police and no one wearing a mask. Unofficial freedom days for NSW are here hopefully.


Well said by that fine young man who has made a huge sacrifice for having principles and courage. Kudos. Your parents and family should be very proud of you.

He is exactly the sort of person with honour and integrity that the State Police Forces need but clearly are "select out".

Clearly being ethical and lawful is anathema to Australian police force culture and command.


I was sitting watching the local police rescue boat go out through the entrance to Moruya Heads NSW at 9:30 this morning, it went north and stopped barely in sight, an hour later 2 jet skis went out and stopped just the other side of the break, the police boat then ran back and pounced on them, obviously ordered them to follow back in to the ramp where I have no doubt they were booked for leaving home, which is obviously because they may have passed the pox on to a flathead, I have watched them
perform this little maneuver in the past, mongrels.


All police know that protests marches in Australia peaceful if police are peaceful.
Police in Victoria are deliberately being Nazi. Either they mongrels or they being ordered around by mongrels, in which case they cowards or collaborators.


"I am truly at a loss to explain how people with the drive and intellect that it must take to rise to the position of leading major law enforcement organisations like the NSW & Victoria Police Forces"

Drive? yes............intellect? no

Arse kissing, backroom deals, dirt digging, coercion and threat! THAT will get you there today!!

Two theories,

Fuller and Patton are not that intelligent, if they were a little foresight would have told them where their decisions would lead.....

They are both very intelligent but egotistical and evil

I'll go for a combination of both, not real intelligent, ego driven and evil


Has the veracity of this been established?

...or just some sick stasi blowing smoke up our arse?


He'll be listed as a Covid death.

And that he was unvaccinated, which caused his to die.


Reminds me of the number of times I spent in Darlo drunk tank stone cold sober and let out 4 hours later with my wallet a little lighter!


While I admire his conviction the cynic in me (bred over the last two years) begs to ask questions

What are the police unions doing?

Are those squads of police we see shooting fleeing protesters in the back with rubber bullets, bashing and pepper spraying elderly ladies, head stomping and throat grabbing, made up from the mongrels in the forces....those with little empathy, even less intelligence who volunteer to bash citizens?.............cos they sure don't look like police finding what they do is distasteful!!

If, as he stated, many many police are finding what they do immoral and illegal, why aren't they taking a stand within the force?

Given the last two year of lies, deceit and tyranny from those duty bound to protect Australians, I sick of people pissing down my neck and telling me it's raining.............maybe the truth is out there somewhere.....I haven't found it yet!!


Good on you Maree. Go for it - we need to send a message - a peaceful one and support every and any decent police officers left.

Came across Alex Cooney and his website last year and signed one of his petitions. People like him give one hope. What I have been seeing the last few days about police brutality has been heart breaking.

If we had more police who are willing to stand up and speak like him - we stand a chance of saving our society.

Praying for you and for people like Alex Cooney. Everyone is so fed up and downhearted now.

Michelle Two

Well the cops must all be in the city, only seen one with there lights flashing chasing a car in the next town where they work and or live.. who knows these days if they are fly in fly out jobs..
Souls confused as if they are supposed to wear masks or not, walked into a shop and asked to put it on as I totally forgot the mask of tyranny has to be worn in shops because the virus can be so choosy where it attacks you..a bit like the cops in the city..
Sure can't wait for this chapter to end and that new one to enter.. love and light xx
Keep up with the water feeling parched just now.. usually if your throat seems a bit dry it is about clearing the throat chakra and communication on all levels to come back into alignment, write down what you are feeling if you can't share it that energy needs to be released.. keep on dancing a different tune this afternoon.. love always xx

Michelle Two

They know all the dirt files and where the bodies are buried give them credit it costs a lot for protection in a mugs game.. we are the mugs and not protected by the looks of it we are like sitting ducks waiting for the jack boots to arrive because they fear the people and the revolution..
Though walking around small communities such as mine it is coming normal daily life, still peaceful only everyone has their faces covered.. even when you don't have to have them on outdoors, many look to comfortable wearing them..
Easy come, easy go if it makes souls feel comfortable and safe it won't save us from tyranny but it is telling that souls around here still live a peaceful life in the mountains and no one seems to be dropping dead at any alarming rate..
I've heard of many heart attacks, strokes happening but don't know the people really or the story behind them, one was a man that I went to school with he is a truckie carts logs.. so only locally... love and light xx

Speaking of heart attacks have they increased since the jab because it is the leading killer in Australia, strokes come 3rd.. here is the chart..


Something totally unrelated for a change - a little Saturday night entertainment to remind ourselves to laugh once in a while.



One Born Every Minute

What did the Police Union do for Cooney?

Have you ever heard of a Clayton Drink?

Same thing.

Have you ever seen Police strike? Police Union run by Police.

Michael Smith can elaborate for you.

One Born Every Minute

Look at the Legislation passed to ALLOW Foreign Troops and Foreign Police on Australian Soil.

Why would that be?

Have a good think about that.


No more shifts within a week.Out of the job within three months.

Liz of Vic

I do wish you luck!

I have also committed some of these crimes, actually, it made me feel much better, it was just a bit of fun!
These last two years have really been quite miserable.


Please act. Plenty of jobs out there in agriculture for the moment getting our crops in - grab a mate and a tent and earn some cash while you sort out a new life away from the corruption in the cities. Good luck to all the wonderful men who stand up for themselves.

Michelle Two

Good morning xx Soul is feeling so much lighter already this morning after a nights rest the energy was so turbulent for humanity over the last week of chaos, the darkness in society is rising so we can see it, and remove what is toxic to our souls and shifting as a collective consciousness, so recognize the problem within yourself and your own soul will always find the answer and solution to free your energy up, we are all currently going through the same manifestation of having to choose to be controlled by an outside force and to let go of that control and standing our ground, only your soul will know what this is ..
The fear isn't over the jab for most it is having been forced into a situation where you feel you have no control and that outside factor is pushing you to do something that is against your conscience and that you know you shouldn't do, but on the other side we are being gaslighted with the loss of income..
With tyranny that is always where it is heading anyway so the battle is a bigger one then you could imagine as they are using psychological warfare and your instincts on survival the same with getting a fine if you don't follow the Hazzard or your bosses rules but behind those rules are the Tyrants demands so with that comes that internal battle between dark/light and doing what you know is right and facing the consequences.. give them an inch they take a mile and then blame you anyway for the chaos and mess the darkforce got themselves in because the human population is a spiritual based society of sovereign beings so you have full control of your own creation and what you can do to live with yourself and your conscience as you can already see where it is heading not only by the examples all over the world but with your own gut instinct and you don't like the picture being painted, or that for the future of your kids if it isn't stopped now..
Many have already taken the poison but it will never stop the tyrants always demand more, more and more until everyone is destroyed.. it never stops the mental and internal torture that they dish out..
They kill off your family to get you to follow your will so the police will be used in that manner as it becomes a lawless society as that is the end goal where they are the master and you follow if you want to get fed, even though without you the tyrant has nothing because your soul is what makes the community work not their laws, rules or directions as you are in total and full control of your freewill..
Even if you have had the jab don't be in fear of what you might be seeing on the internet with the adverse affects because that fear puts you in the position where your soul is stressed out so what you manifest is what you fear, there are cures if they aren't here now they will be forthcoming after the damage is already being done, everything in life that has been done through a political lens can be undone when you have the right souls in place of the tyrants so you have to take the first steps first before the rest follows..
Hindsight is wonderful of what you could have done, but that doesn't help you now in the present as you need to take care of the present challenge so you don't create more, so your life is what you make it .. if you feel controlled first free your soul by removing the fear then your soul will bring in the solution and you can unite with those that feel the same as you in the same situation as they will be feeling what you do..
The first step is always the mind/heart and internal battle once you beat the fear which takes courage then the rest follows.. so live in the present and the future takes care of itself with the right mindset the fear you feel now is not going to be there forever the regrets will last however long it takes your soul to heal from not listening to your conscience.. because your spiritual self will be nagging at you to do what is right to help others over yourself, which isn't a bad thing but we as humans and spiritual beings don't like to see others in pain we are in service to help each other, not the soul you don't even know that is behind the tyrant rewarding him for the pain you are putting society through unnecessarily..
To beat the darkforce you need to beat your own demons first and police being on the frontline will be having many sleepless nights and trying to push those emotions down, the chaos comes when your soul says enough is enough I came here to serve others over self.. to protect the community from those who are breaking the laws and will create more harm.. at the moment you are protecting the tyrant by enforcing his rules they are not the laws you swore an oath to protect and serve..

You didn't come here to protect our health that is the position of the doctors who are being silenced and paid and also in the same boat of battling with their consciences over doing no harm and following the oath they swore to uphold, not to the pharma companies but to you that go to them for when you are not feeling well..

So we are all in the same position and need to unite and not be divided as that plays into the tyrants hands, there will always be the anarchists in the protest as they are paid by the tyrant to put on the show for the media very coincidental that they are always there with camera to catch the right moment of brutal behaviour to create fear so others are afraid to stand up..

Quote on my FB wall - "All problems become smaller if you don't dodge them but confront them" Willian F Halsey

Your small step and action could save many, including me as you don't know that small ripple of kindness, creates more that is how light energy works, fear contains and controls you and others as that energy eats you up inside first..

Here is a message for the police I seen this morning linked on someone's post hope it helps you.. this soul has put a lot of heart and soul into this talk..

The message today I asked what can the police do those with a conscience will start to rise and dance in freedom .. the message from your guardian of the force in justice and peace with Archangel Michael first up "Be Gentle With Yourself" win that inner battle first then find comfort in others going through the same experience as you, and they will help give you courage and leadership such as the man above who many have turned to, you will always find another job when the tyrant has fallen he needs you to fight his battles and enforce what he wants the society to be shaped into against the will of many..
So don't be hard on yourself and release any guilt and forgive yourself first for hurting others if you were put into that position..
Release the fear energy and quiet mind first and write down what it is you are feeling and then move on from there..
"Take Your Time Making This Decision" is the next message so once your release all that emotion your are feeling and have a quiet mind then you are in a position to get the next step.. come from the heart and look within yourself you know what to do.. follow your own path, you will be okay as the angels are walking with you.. it may be hard at first but you will feel free once you follow your conscience and do what is right for you..love and light xx

Remember what you signed up for..to save lives by preserving them.. not that of the underworld .. bringing peace not instigators of breaking it in the hearts of many..

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