The CFMEU's neo-Nazis
Vic Govt statement - mandatory vaccine for construction workers, 2 week industry shutdown

Delusional or Dan's man?

Very, very worrying.

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PATTON......on this occasion and the other protest we had on the 21st of last month, we've seen a lot of young, angry men who are using this as an opportunity to attack police. That's basically what we're seeing.

It's not about the normal protestors who we would often have in the past come along and, on this occasion on the weekend, we didn't have mums and dads, as such. These were angry young men who were intent on confronting police.


PATTON Oh, well, we've seen right-wing extremists present at these past protests. We know that is the case and that they are exploiting the opportunity to participate in violence in amongst crowds, as do other people.

We saw thugs at both of these protests. These crowds are being used by cowards, so that they can conduct criminal activities. Some of these right-wing extremists are using these opportunities to do the same.

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PATTON So that's the manner that they're doing it and that's of significant concern for us. But we have a significant monitoring capability and right-wing extremism is an area that we have a significant focus on in Victoria and will continue to do so.