Congrats Seeker of Truth - Cory Bernardi sues the ABC for defamation over Sarah Hanson-Young claim
Victoria's lame Liberal leader tells the ABC he's up for vaccine passports and mandatory vaccination

Gladys cancels daily press conference to avoid questions on corruption and ICAC investigations

Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 10.02.48 am
The daily 11am COVID update has been called off because Gladys says she has more important issues to do. 
She knows ICAC is looking into her affairs. 
So does the media. 
“ New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian has refused to answer whether she is the target of an Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) investigation, in the wake of revelations the watchdog is examining legal briefings to her about her former secret partner, Daryl Maguire.”
Every time they ask - she panics and shuts it down. 
Gladys can run. 
She can’t hide. 


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Michelle Two

Keep calling for these dark ones to be released from their duties and clear the lower vibrations from around them so all lightworkers can do their things to bring the ivory walls down..the storms will be internal creating chaos within politics itself as all their secrets get exposed to the public..
Hold the line and rise up soul to align into a higher light decree with new tools coming in when you understand the last step and light xx


It's a long way to fall from the top. Especially for tyrants. Usually they don't land too well either.

Sooner or later her crimes will catch up with her.



Send it to everyone you know

The actual origin of Covid and patents taken out (by Pfizer) on Covid-19 BEFORE the outbreak


David E. Martin testifies at the German Corona Inquiry Committee July 9th, 2021

This is a multiple-warhead bombshell: Intelligence analyst David E. Martin has been checking the patent files concerning SARS-CoV2 and found out ... damn, listen to the guy yourself. If this turns out to be true there can be no more doubt about what the hell is going on.

The German Corona Inquiry Committee has been formed in July 2020 and heard almost 150 scientists, experts, researchers, witnesses and victims in 60 five-hour sessions.

This video is a collection of the English-only sections of the hearing.

The hearing with David E. Martin can be watched completely at

Fauci report -

List of 120 pre-pandemic patents relating to 'novel features' of SARS-CoV-2 -

Up The Workers!

Wise Bin Chickens should always be more discerning about the particular bins they choose to dine at - lest they later suffer from a bad case of indigestion or ICAC from what they allowed to pass their lips.

John Smith

Just ask WHY?

Does SHE realise that the 'Tide is TURNING' = People are WAKING ...


Why do we accept income tax?

Why do we accept being harassed by Police?

Why do we accept ….

The essence of tyranny is coercion and coercion is essentially "do as i say or be punished".

"Pay us a portion of your income or be punished"

"Take this jab or be punished"

WHY do WE put up with this?

Could it be that most people don't actually care about freedom / tyranny much less recognize which one they are living in but instead care more about comfort and social prestige, which is just EGO. EGO is so easy to SEDUCE/CONTROL ????

Fundamentally there are only two types of societies, freedom or tyranny, all of the usual -isms and whatever are just variations on a theme (coercion) not to mention convenient little packages to be sold by the propaganda apparatus.

You cannot have a society that uses coercion (of the innocent/Compliant/Asleep) to extract compliance and call it freedom no matter what justification is presented.


How you are PROGRAMMED to be poor

How you are programmed to be poor. A lot of people don't realise, but for most of us, society is built to keep us poor. And a lot of this is subconscious, that we don't realise is even happening to us.

Whether it's our schooling system build during the industrial revolution, the way media programs us to be poor, or the phenomenal success of large companies who are able to subconsciously program you to spend until you've got nothing left, the odds are definitely stacked against us all.

Now I'm not saying that becoming successful or financially abundant is all about mindset. It's not. Yes, you need a great mindset of abundance as a building block for whatever it is you're trying to achieve in life. But that needs to be combined with a plan, knowledge, and action as well.


0:00 - Introduction

0:49 - Why mindset isn't everything

2:21 - We're programmed at school to be workers

6:19 - Negative belief programming around money

8:30 - How media programs you to be poor

10:16 - We are poor by design

13:46 - What can you do?

17:49 - Give yourself a 12 month challenge

20:02 - Outro


They don't like the unscripted questions do they?

Capt Baz

What goes around, comes around. Let's hope that ALL of these despots are brought to justice sooner than later, they're ripping the guts out of our once great country.

seeker of truth

Just what constitutes "a relationship" is important to define in the Berejiklian and Maguire relationship. Was she having sex with Maguire (which I can't imagine to be the case) or was it a strong friendship (close personal) which provided her company and for him the use of her spare bedroom in her Willougby house and a means to con her.

Should only a "sexual relationship" be considered a conflict of interest when it comes to political matters? The ICAC has a big task ahead of it but I wouldn't rely on the ABC to reveal the whole truth, just its version and we see from the Cory Bernardi - SHY matter that it is not always the truth. The ABC just loves muddying the waters when it comes to Conservative leaders like Gladys and Scott Morrison and Conservative politicians.

Gladys is a frequent attendee at the Armenian Apostolic Church of Holy Resurrection in Chatswood as are her parents. It is the Church where her parents were married. I don't think she wants to put her elderly parents through hell with this Darryl Maguire affair. The ABC has not dug up too much dirt on this affair and don't think it isn't trying. Maybe Gladys is not involved in the corruption that the ABC is suggesting but Gladys can't defend herself because of the obligations of witnesses in ICAC investigations to not discuss their evidence (knowledge) as to matters under investigations.

"Information for people involved in investigations
Witnesses information

As a witness you have certain obligations under the Independent Commission Against Corruption Act 1988 ("the ICAC Act"). Failure to comply with these obligations could result in serious penalties.

As a witness you must:

appear at a public inquiry or compulsory examination when you receive an ICAC summons

produce any documents required by the ICAC

before giving evidence, take an oath or make an affirmation that your evidence will be truthful

answer all questions asked truthfully. It is an offence under the ICAC Act to give false or misleading evidence

not discuss the evidence you give in a compulsory (private) examination or the fact that a compulsory examination has been held with anyone except your lawyer

not breach any other suppression order."

The ABC and its reporters are not ignorant of these witness obligations. They just want to embarrass her because they know she can't answers their questions due to the ICAC Act.

That link mentions "co-operating with the ICAC. I'd imagine that Gladys is doing just that. Should the ICAC take matters further then she will have great legal counsel in her now partner Arthur Moses.


I am sure the ABC will get their best reporters onto this one.


This woman has zero dignity. Resign and run screaming would be my advice to this air head.


I have always had a problem with people telling me what to do. And it continues today. I WILL NOT BEND.



Michael. You are right on with this. Everyone I know in the nsw parliament knows its coming for her. Male politician would have been finished by now.


I wondered why Bruz and Health Hazzard are fronting up to do them.



Dr. Martin: Now, what's important is on the 28th of April, and listen to the date very carefully,
because this date is problematic, 3 days after CDC filed the patent, on the SARS coronavirus in
2003, 3 days later, Sequoia Pharmaceuticals, a company that was set up in Maryland, Sequoia
Pharmaceuticals, on the 28th of April, 2003, filed a patent in antiviral agents of treatment and
control of infections coronavirus. CDC filed 3 days earlier, and then the treatment was available
3 days later.

Dr. Martin: Now, just hold that thought for a second…

Dr. Füllmer: Who is Sequoia Pharmaceuticals?

Dr. Martin: Well, there you go. That's a good question, because Sequoia Pharmaceuticals, and
ultimately Ablynx Pharmaceuticals became rolled into the proprietary holdings of Pfizer, Crucell
and Johnson & Johnson.

Dr. Füllmer: Wow!

Dr. Martin: So, ask yourself a simple question, how would one have a patent on a treatment for a thing that had been invented 3 days earlier?

Dr. Martin: The patent in question, the April 28th, 2003 patent, 7151163, issued to Sequoia Pharmaceuticals has another problem. The problem is, it was issued and published before the CDC patent on coronavirus was actually allowed. So the degree to which the information could
have been known by any means other than insider information between those parties is zero.
Is not physically possible for you to patent a thing that treats a thing that had not been published, because CDC had paid to keep it secret.


So she gets dumped or resigns.......then they replace her with another lying, cheating thief and apart from that little hiccup life for these trough dwellers goes on.............same, same only the face has changed!!

The only way to rid us of this continual cycle of mismanagement and corruption is to tear down both the political and judicial systems and rebuilt them! Ensure power is never centralised and place both under continual overwatch!

...........or we can just continue to be dumb, stupid, compliant your tax, eat, shit and bark at the moon!!


We know that IBAC have spied on Gladys before. When they released the recordings and transcripts, they prefaced it by saying " she dun nuffing rong".
But they spied any way, and released stuff purely to embarrass a liberal leader.
How often do IBAC spy on liberal leaders?


And here we are abiding by the laws while they are breaking them, I suspect that all levels of government have broken many laws during this fake pandemic, any lawyers out there to confirm that?

Doubtful John

We should continue to vote in a corrupt Premier. It's a money saver. If we vote a new one in we'll be up for yet another fancy house, fancy car, wardrobe, travel, etc, etc. Isn't it cheaper and more sensible to stick with providing one thief with their booty than another and another and another?


Or as Lance Corporal Jack Jones from Dad's Army would say "They don't like it up 'em"

Ned of Kellyville

This interview with Dr David E Martin is insightful, factual and carefully demonstrates that many patents were taken out well before the pandemic and associated vaccines already planned.

Not to be missed.

Wayne Shaft

ICACC Have Not Finished With Daryl Or Gladys …Yet ..🐀🐀

Tony H

I was wondering where the ugly thing was today? The other day she berated a journo for daring to ask obvious questions in relation to her involvement with Maguire and his activities. Lets all recall that one Andrew Clennell has dropped off completely after he was quite aggressive towards her! I wonder what pressure has been put on him and Sky News?

Ghost of Pat

Julia Berejeklian or Gladys Gillard. Very hard to get Female leader politicians in the dock for their participation in the frauds, theft and corruption of their boyfriends it seems. What a weird symmetry in escape of justice is developing. If it it true to form nothing will happen to Gladys when it definitely should.

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